Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well....ok...i can handle this....

the miata got hit.
this is the third time.
do people not look around when they are driving?
what is up with that.
its like once they got their drivers license, all common sense went out the window.
here is a tip for driving....
you should always pay attention to your surroundings.
last friday i decided to go get a burger for lunch. i have not been eating crap like that for a while, and it sounded good. and i was hungry. and there was nothing in the house. how convenient :-)
burgerville is close, so i went there. for those of you not from our area, burgerville is nationally ranked for their burgers because they use local, fresh products. they are kinda spendy for fast food. growing up we called their burgers *shit burgers*. not because they were shit, but because they used a special sauce that made the burgers kinda sloppy. but oh so yummy! these are just the regular ol little burgers, not their newer big ones like the tillamook cheeseburger. i skip those. way too big. they do have a yummy turkey/bacon sandwich on a wheat roll that is really good too. anyway.....i pulled into the drive thru and it was backed up. there were about 5 cars still to place their orders. i was sitting there for only about 2 minutes or so, when i see the big bronco in front of me start backing up. backing up fast! all i could see were his tail lights! i honked but too late. he smacked into me. who the hell backs up in a drive thru? if you pull into the drive thru you are committed to go through! we got out of our vehicles, saw that his big steel bumper put a dent in the front of the car, so we pulled over into the lot. i got his info, shook his hand and told him that it was alright and we would get everything taken care of. he half jokingly said "its not alright. i just insured this truck this morning now i gotta pay to fix that." well dumbass....guess you shouldn't have backed up in the drive thru! i called his insurance and now i just need to get the quote.
we have been hit so many times.
in different cars that we have owned.
the first time was the ford escort. robert was at work and someone didn't set their break. their unoccupied vehicle rolled and crashed into our car.
#2 - ford probe. i was in the car and there was a long line of cars sitting at the light. i was going to turn left. i was driving slowly in the turn lane past the stopped cars when a guy decided to pull out the the line of stopped cars. he crashed into the back right side of the my car. idiot.
#3 - nissan pathfinder. this one was a 50/50 fault. me again. i was on my way home and got to an intersection that has a no stop right hand turn, into your own lane. then you would need to merge over. an old lady was in a station wagon in front of me. we were taking the turn slow. i turned my head to look to the left to see if anyone was coming so that i could merge left, when bam. i hit her. she had made her turn and then stopped instead of continuing in her lane. we were both covered by the same insurance company, so we were found 50/50 at fault. her for stopping when she didn't need to, me for following to close and not paying attention to her. ooopsie.
#4 - nissan pathfinder again. it was roberts 30th birthday. we were headed to portland to pick up food for his party. traffic was stopped on the freeway, so we had to stop. all of a sudden robert goes "HOLD ON!" . BAM! we got hit. i think it was a woman. don't remember. she was not paying attention to the traffic. she must have started to break because the damage was just a dent in the bumper. we didn't even get it fixed. we bought new tires. needed those more.
#5 - miata - this was the first time the miata was hit. robert and someone from work, ken or someone, were sitting at a stoplight when they were rearended. big booboo. kid was insured on his parents policy. car was fixed up nice.
#6 - miata again. i was in the downtown parking garage because i went to a movie with mom. when we came out, some had turned into the parking spot next to me, hit the car, put a huge dent in the rear side panel, and took off. jerks. since they left the scene we had to pay our deductible as if we had been hit by an uninsured motorist. not fair. but we got it fixed.
#7 - dodge ram truck. this was a scary one. robert was leaving his office in portland. i think it was dark and raining, or at least it was dark. some woman tried to beat the traffic in the intersection and turned in front of robert who was going through. she was going super fast. her car was totaled and the truck was damaged quite a bit on the front left side. if he had been in the miata instead of the truck that night, he may not have walked away from that crash. where she hit the truck, that would have been the driverside door of the miata. she would have gone right into him. that one scared me.
#8 - back to friday and the miata.
eight times we have been hit. 7 were somewhat minor. one bad. but in all of them, no one was hurt other than a stiff back from a couple of them.
guess you can say that we are lucky in that sense!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

happenings since the last time....

lets see.....
last i was here was aug 18.
since then lets see what has happened.....

nothing on the 19th.

the 20th was my 27th anniversary! we celebrated w/friends and fake journey.
since the real journey is in the studio, we went with beth & les, tim & sandy and katie & mara to see a journey tribute band. what a fiasco. the doors opened at 7pm. we got there about that time, and almost all of the tables were taken. mostly by one person holding the entire table for 12 for other people. we were getting a little pissed. have your whole party there, or most of them. not one stinking person. we finally found a table with only 4 people at it that was NOT being held for more! so we sat with them. the music didn't even start until something like 9. maybe later. i don't remember now. but mara and katie both had to leave before the journey tribute band came on. and that was the only reason we went. they finally came on at 10:30 and played until midnight. they were ok. it was just nice to hear the songs.

on the 21st, robert and i went to see american idol. i have to admit it, but they were not good. at all. boring song selections. boring performances. we only went because it was free. i sat there the entire show waiting for crystal bowersox and lee dewyze. crystal was the only one who was good. lee.....sucked. i was so disappointed. maybe his voice was off because of the long tour. but he was not good. at all. so sad.

on the 22nd we went to a classic car show that was being held down here on officers row. really fun! some of the cars were very cool. there was a car here worth $600,000 and one that was worth $2,000,000! it was a hemi cuda. not my favorite car. it was orange and kind of like a muscle type car. i think it was a 1970. it was a very rare car though, so that is why it was worth so much. my favorites are the british cars....the mg's and the austin healey's. love love love those!

my favorite austin healey
had a massage on the 26th. have to skip next month though....ummmm..that would be THIS month :-) we need to make the catering deposit for katie's wedding this month, so no massage.

went camping in the cascades on the 27th, 28th and 29th with scott and jody. fun times! got a few laughs in at robert's expense, which is usually how it goes. this time it involved fire, melted marshmallow, a napkin and both hands. i think you get the picture :-)
kite surfing in stevenson, wa
and now we are at this past weekend. spent saturday making cards while robert was out doing yard work with our rent-a-son colton. they got so much done, including removing many blackberry vines and an approx 10 year old fir tree growing between the fence and some bushes. it was crazy huge. you don't realize how big something is until you get in there and take a good look. it was big. on sunday, katie and tim brought over salmon and we cooked that on a cedar plank. i'm not a big fan of salmon, but it was good.
rent-a-son colton
that's a big tree
grilled salmon on a cedar plank
and here we are at today.
consider yourself caught up :-)