Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.....

It's GORGEOUS out today :-)
Hope your day will be as nice as mine!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fright......Late at Night......

Had the crap scared out of me last night.
Robert and I were sound asleep, when we were both woke up by the doorbell.
It was 12:36am.
We both sat up and he said "Was that the doorbell?"
We jumped out of bed. The cats, I think, were already in a panic and were hiding.
I immediately freak out thinking its cops.
Because at our house, we know first hand that doorbells in the middle of the night do not bring good news.
But then I calmed down.
I remembered that it was Halloween night and figured that it was kids playing Ding Dong Ditch.
Robert went to the front door to look out the window.
I went into Katie's old room to look out her window.
I should have seen a flaming bag-o-poo.
But instead......
I saw a cop.
Standing at the front door.
Flashlight in hand.
Not just any old cop, but a huge one.
I freaked and yelled to Robert "IT'S A COP!"
I turned around to head out to the living room when I noticed that the light from a flashlight shone into the room, but I kept going.
Robert opened the door and I stopped in the hall to listen.
Just like I did when they came 12 years ago.
I didn't know what he was going to say.
I wasn't even sure I wanted to hear it.
But there I stood.
Frozen in the hall, frozen in my memories.
He said something like this....
"Sir, I'm sorry to have woken you up, but I saw a young man come from your backyard and I wanted to make sure that you do not have a teen living here, or in one of your neighboring houses."
I was so relieved to hear that was why he was at the door.
But then, of course, I panicked thinking that someone had been trying to break into the house.
The cop was telling Robert that he thinks the guy was car prowling, and asked if the truck was locked, which it was.
The cop went over and checked the truck.
That is when I noticed the second cop, on the sidewalk, all in dark clothes, with a K9.
A big dark German Sheppard.
I went around back to see if there were wet footprints by the kitchen door and the sliding glass door.
So that means the guy didn't come up on the deck.
Thank god for that.
Robert talked to the cop a little longer.
Apparently the officer was sitting in his parked car, somewhere either on our road or very near, when he saw a guy dressed in a dark hoodie, dark pants, with a backpack, come out of either our backyard, driveway, or the neighbors yard or driveway.
They were looking for him, and wanted to make sure that he did not in fact belong to our house.
He did not.
So they spent an hour or so in our neighborhood looking for him.
I have no idea if they found him.
I ended up awake for a few hours.
The one kinda funny thing about this....
Robert opened the door and stood there talking to the cop wearing only a pair of tie-dyed jammie bottoms :-)
What a hippie :-)