Monday, May 31, 2010

my life is boring.....

im just so bored lately.
i think thats why i have not been here daily.
its not that i dont have things to do, i do, i just dont care about doing them right now.
and that my friends is me having a shitty attitude.
i need time off.
its been great being back to working mon-tue-wed.
but i think i need a vacation.
like for a month.
but that will never happen.
i shouldn't put it like that.
i'll end up breaking my leg or something.

so hubby went and had acupuncture for his back.
he was very impressed by the whole thing.
he spent more time with the acupuncturist talking over every aspect of his life before the guy even put one needle in.
he had needles in his ears, hands, feet and ankles....for back pain!
crazy huh?
but it worked.
that night the pain in the middle of his back was gone.
all he had left was some tightness in his neck and shoulder, and a little pain still in his elbow.
and a headache....but he was told that he could get one as a side effect.
it has been since friday, and he still only has the tightness and his elbow is bugging him, but other than that he feels so much better.
he goes again in a week.
its really amazing how well it worked for him.
after 6 months of pain he was ready to try anything.
he had several massages, a few chiropractor appts, many doctor visits for muscle relaxers and pain pills, and finally ended up with a home electric pulse/shock machine.
and none of it was curing it.
it helped to ease symptoms....but they were not going away.
it finally took, as he puts it, a 4,000 year old treatment!
obviously it works or it would not have been around this long~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

weeeee.....i get to go AGAIN!

Last Thursday I went to the dentist to get my crown put on.
I get to go again tomorrow.
I'm so excited!
**insert MAJOR sarcasm**
His assisstant ruined it.
She was shaving off some of the sides to get it to fit, and she took too much off one side.
I don't think he was very happy with her.
So I get to go back tomorrow and do it all over again.

Randomness follows.....

I was happy with the outcome of Dancing with the Stars. I loved Nicole and Derek's dancing. Geeze....some people are throwing absolute fits over it. They are claiming she was a pro dancer already. Please....just because someone can dance Hip Hop doesn't mean they know how to dance a waltz, jive, paso, tango quick step or any of the other dances. Those people have no clue how difficult those are. They all have different requirements. Body position, foot placement, heel first, ball of foot first, not to mention the hip action! It's all different. That is why there are pros who specialize in only one dance. They have been saying this for years. Pop-Stars who sing and dance on stage are "street" dancers, not ballroom dancers. They worked their butts off and deserved to win. I didn't hear this many people complain with Drew Latchey won. He dances on stage too! What about Donny Osmond? How long has he been singing and dancing on stage? A long freaking time! I think a lot of it is women jealous of Nicole. She is a beautiful woman who can move. I loved watching her. So congrats from me!


Honestly....I didn't think either of them performed that great last night. And I love both of them. Lee sounded like he forgot some words at one point and so did Crystal during Black Velvet. Which I thought she screamed most of. Bad song choice. That song needs to be all sexy low and smokey and smooth sounding. Not screamed. So I was not that thrilled with the show. Either can win.


OK....I admit it. I am a GLEEk. I didn't watch this show at all the first half or so last season, but was recording it for hubby. He loves his Journey, and any show that starts off with Journey is worth watching in his book. So he liked the show, thought it was funny and asked me to set a series recording. I started watching it when he would have it on....and I started to like it. Then they had on Kristin Chenoweth. Then I started to love it. Now I watch each episode twice. The night it airs, and then the recorded show when hubby watches.
Love it.
Love it.
Love it.
I have embraced my inner GLEEk.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

of spiders and banana bread.....

yesterday i stopped to get my mocha and i bought some banana bread. i ate some of it in the morning and then later in the afternoon i started to snack on the rest of it. i ate a couple bites, then broke off another piece and i looked at it and something was in it. i took a closer look and i could see spider legs. there was a big spider cooked in the bread. the body was mushed and cooked and the legs were sticking up all around it. it was so gross. i spit out what was in my mouth and threw it away. i was sick to my stomach the rest of the afternoon. it was so nasty. i should have taken a picture when i first saw it. i tried to later, but once the air hit the legs they shriveled up. ok...i'm queasy just talking about it!
so this morning i stopped by to get a mocha and girl at the coffee stand asked if i wanted anything to eat. i said "well i dont want any banana bread thats for sure!" her and the other gal were all "why? what happened?" i told them and they freaked out. omg we're so sorry. omg thats so gross. she told me she was giving me my drink for free. i told her no, it wasn't their fault and it really wasn't the bakers either. things like that happen. she insisted on giving me the drink for free. she brought it to me and said "i made you a large one. i'm so sorry. you're being so nice about this." we were laughing it off, but i think they felt really bad about it.
not their fault, but i will never eat banana bread unless i cook it again!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hold on to your butts.......

we are suppose to have a little storm tonight.
they are calling for highish winds and rain.
kinda typical spring weather here.
here it is....

i will take that waaaaay over this......

i can not even imagine what people in the midwest have to go through every spring and summer when it comes to these monsters.

i would love to go on a tornado chase, but i want the tornado to be out in the middle of no where.

running across a field of corn or something.

the tornado...not me....i would not be running anywhere....i would be cowering in a car probably peeing my pants.....

but i would still go and do it.

i have wanted to see one ever since i was a kid.

wonder if it has anything to do with my favorite childhood movie....

the wizard of oz....


Monday, May 17, 2010

hahahaha! look at that....i didnt come here alllll weekend!

and i totally enjoyed it!
i thought about it a couple times...
but then i just did not care.
i had nothing to say
i was busy doing the things i wanted to do
and i had a great time doing them!
well except when i was folding the laundry.
that was not so fun...
i did see 3 movies this weekend though.
thursday was iron man 2.....blargh...
friday was letters to juliet.....loved it....
and sunday was robin hood.....ok...not fantastic....but ok none the less.
we saw the last movie at cinetopia in the living room theater.
that theater is for 21 and over only.
we had beer and wine and some spinach artichoke dip w/chips!
they also have a wine tasting room where you purchase a card or something and they have a huge wall of wine bottles and you put the card in a slot above whatever wine you want to taste, and it pours out a sample of the wine into your glass.
looks fantastic!

i want to go back to at least do that before a movie sometime.
maybe get a little tipsy before a comedy!
might make the movie funnier :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

enjoying some me time

went to see iron man with mom yesterday.
didn't like it at all.
stupid ending.
today we are going to go see letters to juliet.
katie is coming today too.
i think we will like this one a lot better.
gotta love a chick flick :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more thoughts on Yesterday....

I had a little chat with the agent who had an experience Monday night.
She was telling me that she was upstairs in her office and no one else was in the building.
She heard pots and pans banging together like someone was in the kitchen cooking.
So she came downstairs and could hear this coming from Linda's office.
She went in there and it stopped.
She went back upstairs and it started again.
So she went back down to Linda's office and it again stopped.
She decided to leave.
At some point during all of this or before, she saw a shadow of a figure standing in her office. She could see it move and then it disappeared.
She gathered up her stuff and went out to her car. She knew the doors were locked, so she unlocked it so she could get back in to get the rest of her stuff. When she got back, the door was locked. She went in, grabbed her stuff, and left.
I asked her if when she went into Linda's office if she noticed the chair in the middle of the room.
She said it was NOT in the middle of the room when she was in there. She would have noticed that. There is no way someone would not have noticed that because it was right in the middle of the room totally out of place.
I may have already mentioned this yesterday, but another agent showed up about an hour later, and she was next to Linda's office making copies, and she too said the chair was not in the middle of the room.
While we were talking about this, the office manager came down and told us that she has had many experiences with our ghost.
She told us one time, years ago, she was in the building really late doing the books, and she felt a very cold air around her and then someone took their hand and pulled it across the back of her shoulders. She said it was a very gentle, comforting touch.
I know there are a lot of other people who have had things happen here.
It's all very strange......
And exciting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hmmmmm.....our ghost seems to be active...or do we have a "new" one???

We seem to be having some weirdness going on here at the office again.
Here is the latest.
When I leave at night, I always check the side doors to make sure they are locked.
One of these doors is to the office of our agent Linda who we lost a couple weeks ago to breast cancer. We all miss her so much. So when I go to her office to check the door it makes me sad, but I look around at her empty desk, check the door, and leave with a sadness in my heart. Cue the sad music.....I kinda laid it on a little thick there, but it's true. We are very sad.
Anyway....the door was locked, I checked the other doors, and left. There were a couple people still upstairs when I left, but no one downstairs. This morning when I came in, I went to turn on the copy machine next to Linda's office, and one of her straight back chairs was positioned in the middle of her office a few feet in front of the door that I had checked the night before. Obviously it was not there last night or I would not have been able to check the door! I was telling the broker a few minutes ago about this and she got all excited and told me that just before lunch one of the agents came to her office and told her that the house was haunted. They kinda laughed at her and said "Well yes. It has been for a long time." Apparantly no one told her when she started here a couple years ago that the office was haunted. She told the broker that she was here late last night and she saw someone standing in her office. Then she heard dishes being moved around downstairs, so she came down and heard it in ..... Linda's office. She went to that office to see if anyone was in there, and there was no one. She went back upstairs and again heard the sound of dishes downstairs in Linda's office. I just found out that that office used to be a kitchen when the house was originally built over 100 years ago. So that happened and then I come in this morning and the chair has been moved. We got a good laugh at the fact that nothing would have made Linda happier than to play a trick on us with Mary, our resident ghost. Sounds like we may have 2 ghosts now!
Welcome Back Linda!

Sunday, May 9, 2010




Saturday, May 8, 2010

not the kind of crown i deserve.....

went to the dentist yesterday.
i made the mistake of telling them 6 months ago at a cleaning that i was having a little pain every once in a while on one side when i bit down.
my dentist did those bite tests where you have to bite down on that hard plastic medieval torture devise to see if you have a cracked tooth.
i passed with not only flying colors but with a few swear words flying about too. wasn't that bad, i have a high tolerance for pain.
he said that i had a cracked tooth that needed to be crowned.
that was 6 months ago.
they called around december to say that the crown was pre-approved and to call and make an appointment.
i didn't.
i was more willing to take the occasional stab of pain then to go and have a crown put on.
been there...done that....twice.
so i let it go.
then i worked full time for several months.
and before i knew it, it was time for my 6 month cleaning.
ugh...i knew they were going to bring up the crown.
and they did.
"Let's make that appointment for your crown. You don't want it to get to where the tooth breaks."
so i made the appointment.
and it was yesterday.
well the first half was yesterday.
all 3 hours of it.
my jaw is still sore.
he had to remove the old filling and put in a new one, shape the tooth and the surrounding ones to accommodate the new crown.
then put on the temporary one.
i have to go back the 20th for the brand new sparkly gold crown!
oh joy!
i wanted a porcelain one like the smaller one that i have, but he said that he did not recommend them for the back tooth.
too many chances of it chipping back there since you do most of your biting and chewing with those teeth.
so now i will have a bright shiny gold one.
like flava flav!
i'm so excited!
last night i decided that i should make something "soft" for dinner.
so i bought stuff to make beef fajitas.
made my fajita, sat down and took a big bite...
holey mother of god.....
i forgot about being careful because i had basically had a root canal earlier....
hurt like a mofo...
oh man that was painful.
not so much biting down on the temp, it was my jaw.
hurt from being basically held wide open for 3 hours, having been pushed on and pulled on...and the shots....oiy...
i do have to give props to my dentist though in regards to his technique for giving shots.
you do not feel them. seriously.
he knows how to give a pain free shot.
the only time i feel anything is when he has to go deeper with the needle, but by that time you are already getting a little numb, so its just a slight cramping feeling.
not bad at all.
he really is the best dentist.
i just really really did not want another crown..... least not the mouth kind :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new color

its not as short as it looks in the pic. but it is super dark again :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

an area of conflict

These were brought into the office yesterday

by an agent's client.

I have really enjoyed having them

on my desk.

They smell wonderful!

I love lilacs!

These were brought into the office today.

I am NOT enjoying having these

on my desk.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


sorry, i should have done this earlier in the morning...but....

luv ya :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

my brain is tired.....

i did not sleep last night.
at all.
i was up all night.
i tried to go to bed at 10ish and got back up an hour or so later.
got on the computer for a while.
curled up in the chair.
and ended up laying on the couch watching the wind storm.
aly was up all night too.
she would sit on the ottoman.
then find something to play with.
then eat.
then sit in front of the slider.
i think she was watching the wind storm too.
i finally got a half hour of sleep between about 6:20am and 6:50am.
i have a dark circle around my left eye that looks like a really old bruise.
i'm pathetic......

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A project for Donna

This weekend I worked on two sign in books for my online buddy Donna. She is planning a very large Band Alumni Reunion and was having trouble finding registry books that were not wedding themed. She lives in a small town, and was not sure what she wanted, or where to look on line. SO she asked if I knew where she could look, or if I would be willing to make her something. I told her I would make something. She doesn't need them until June, but I told her I would get them done in April so that she could have them. I actually wanted to get them to her in case she didn't like them and needed time to find something else :-) Yep...I freak out over stuff I make. I may like it, but that doesn't mean someone else is going too! I have sent her pictures, and she has approved. Hopefully when she gets them in her hand she will still feel the same!
Here are a couple pics.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

one of our bunnies :-)

this is one of the bunnies that has been hanging out in our yard. isn't it cute?!
the other night there were 4 of them running around. there is a larger gray one that kinda chases the others. it seems playful but you never know.
it may be something in a couple months i may have 20 bunnies running around the yard ;-)