Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And now....back to our regularly scheduled program....

I'm back. Not that I left or anything. I worked at our East Side office for 2 days. I did not want to blog or anything from there. So this is the first time on here today. I checked my emails, but that was it.
It was not that bad. There are some really nice people there. Yesterday one of the guys named Kevin looked at me and said..."You know, the other girls always bring me donuts in the morning." My reply was..."Do you really think I'm gonna fall for that?" So this morning when I saw him I said "Oh dang Kevin....I forgot your donuts." He laughed. I think he was surprised that I...one...remembered his name...and two...remembered the whole donut thing. It was funny.
Wellllll....I am pooped. I am going to stay on the computer, listen to the Wicked cd for the 3rd time to get ready for this weekends show, and play on Facebook!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Won't be around today....

I will be working at our East Side office today and tomorrow. The receptionist for that office lost her mother over the weekend. So I will be covering for her today and tomorrow.
We found out last week that she was not expecting her mother to be with her much longer. She had broken her leg high up near her hip and was not recovering very well from it. I feel bad for Barb, but I am glad that her mother is on longer in any pain.
I will not be using the computers there like I do at my office. So I will not be back online until I get home.
Have a good day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back from Camping

The Campground.
A small mountain on the way back.

The snow that we woke up to this morning.

Our Trailer.

Our site and Scott & Jody's next to us.

We have returned. The trailer has been cleaned out and dropped off at the storage place and the laundry has been started. Oh...and kitties have been greeted! I am hungry though.....

We had a good time. It was not too bad Friday, just cold. We were able to BBQ and eat dinner outside by the fire. Stayed out there until about 9:45pm or so. Then Saturday it rained all day. No biggie. We drove into Hood River, OR and walked around town. I bought some ribbon for cards and a pair of really warm wool footies that I have been wearing since last night! They're really soft. Since it was raining yesterday, we were not able to have a fire, so we went out for Mexican food in Stevenson, WA and then came back and popped popcorn and watched "RV". Super extra funny when watching it IN an RV!. We laughed everytime they said "Big Rolling Turd"!! Funny movie if you have ever traveled in an RV. Found out this morning when we went outside that it had snowed just right above the campground. I took a couple pics.

Can't wait until we can go out again. We are too busy in April, so looks like the next trip will be in May to the Oregon Coast.

Can't Wait!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny Kitty

Enjoy this silly cat video!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Some lolcat for you!

I'm out. Enjoy some lolcat funnies!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not much going on.....

I have been sitting here all day trying to figure out what to blog about. Not much is going on. We are going camping this weekend. RVing I guess you could say. It's going to be freaking cold I just know it. But that just means warm nights in the trailer, and peeps roasted over the campfire. We are in charge of breakfast Saturday. Scott and Jody are making french toast and sausage Sunday, so I think we are going with pancakes Saturday. Have not decided what else to have with them. Fruit for sure. We made potatoes, bacon and toast the last time we went camping. I wanted to make sausage but Scott is already doing that. Are you bored yet? See....this is why I have not blogged today! I really have nothing intersting to talk about. LOL! Like I ever do!
I am up to $390 in donations for my Bowl-A-Thon! And I have sold 4 Bundt Cakes at $10.00 each for another $40.00....so right now I am sitting at $430!!!! Sweeet! I am going to bake cookies and brownies too and bring them to work in baggies and sell them for a $1.00. I'm hoping that will bring in some more money! The agents here are always hungry because they never stop to eat anything.
I will blog late Sunday and post pics from camping this weekend~
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a Bowl-A-Thon'er!!!!!

Well...I did it. I joined in on all of the Bowl-A-Thon fun that Robert has been enjoying for 7 years now. He has wanted me to at least come and watch for years, but I always felt like it was his work stuff and that usually is a blast for him, but kinda boring for me. Last year I finally went and watched the big Portland event. Let me tell you....what a blast those people have! And they raise money for a good cause too! Last year they raised $80,008 for Junior Achievement! That I believe, is a record for one company to raise during the Bowl-A-Thon event. The event actually lasts for a month or so, with teams raising money in all kinds of ways. There is the direct donation via the Kintera site ( i will give you a link later ), garage sales, bake sales, hot dog feeds, raffles and our favorite, the pie in the face throw! And the great thing about this is that it is a tax deduction because JA is a non-profit! We are really good friends with the President of Portland's JA, John, and his wife Roodi. We always have such a great time with them. I'm on my daughter Katie's team and she needed one more person, and it looks like Roodi will be our 5th! That will make the day so much more fun! Last year the theme was "80 in 08". So everyone wore 80's themed costumes and the goal was to raise $80,000, which they did. This year the theme is "Calling All Heroes" with a goal of raising $100,000. It's a big goal, but I think they can do it. I'm expecting costumes to be anything like super heroes, firemen, soldiers and anything that people think represents a hero to them. Katie, since she works in Home Electronics, picked our team to be called "Guitar Hero Rockin Bowlers"!!!! So we are going to get all rocker glammed up! At the mall yesterday I found these super cool zebra striped pants that I wanted Katie to buy. But she said she wanted to still look around for ideas. I think she should have grabbed them!
My goal was to raise $250.00, which is $100 more than what they ask every individual bowler to raise. As of last night I was already at $334.00!!!! WOOHOO! So I raised my goal to $500.00. I'm hoping to have to raise it again.....hint hint!
As part of my fund raising I am going to offer to bake a Bundt Cake for $10.00. So anyone local who reads this and would like a Bundt Cake, let me know!!!! The Bailey's Irish Cream Cake was awesome!!!
If you are interested in making a tax deductable donation via the Kintera site, here is the link...
Donation Page

**YAY!!! I finally got the link to work!!!**

Thank You to those who have already donated!
Annie P
Jenny H
Terri W
Robert Captain Bowl-A-Thon ;-)
Berry & Glynis (just added today!! thanks guys!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another busy day.....

I have been busy busy busy today! I just got home from shopping with Katie. We went to the Mall, then Barnes & Noble, and then Freddies. Had to get the Richmeister his b-day gifts. Richie is my nephews son who is turning 2 this weekend. Unfortunately we can't go up for his party because we already had plans to go camping with friends. I felt bad, but when you have to cancel on other people, it makes it kinda hard. If it had just been us going camping, we would have canceled and gone to the party. And it's in Seattle so it's not like you can just go over for a couple hours. You stay the whole weekend! We would have just stayed with Bryan and Celina. But my nephew James was cool about it. Katie is going up for the party so she said she would take the gift up.

I also bought myself a really cute and really expensive wallet. It was a little splurge. I never spend that much even on a purse let alone a wallet! I'll take a pic! It's a Fossil. I bought it at Macy's. It was $34.00! I can't believe that I bought it, but it was cute. Now I just need to move everything over from the old wallet that was starting to tear.
(notice how i try to justify the purchase like a true shopaholic does!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Review: Knowing

**this blog contains movie spoilers**

Hubby and I went and saw the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage yesterday. He hated it. I'm still a little undecided. I really liked the special effects, and thought that the story was good...until the ending. Ugh....What a disappointment. It suffered from Steven King Syndrome. If you can't figure out how to end it, just throw in some aliens. OK....maybe that was harsh. They pretty much were leading you to that conclusion, but I was hoping that instead of it being aliens, I was hoping for angels, or messengers from God or something. Not that I'm a big believer in that either. But it just seemed like a new and different way to end it instead of the old aliens are here.
The movie was about, among other things, the world coming to an end because of a giant solar flare. Makes you start to think about whether or not the government or NASA would be able to tell that this was going to happen and if they would even warn people that it was coming. I don't think I would want to know. I think I would want to be just going about my daily business and and then...BAM... the sun flares hit the earth and we are all incinerated at once. The panic that the movie showed made me feel like NOT knowing is the better way to go. Why set in motion looting and everything else instead of just letting it happen? There was nothing they could do anyway. The world was coming to an end, so why freak everyone out? Just let it happen. Unless they know its coming and they have a huge Star Ship Enterprise all ready to go so that some us, like me, can jump on and go seek out new life, new civilizations....TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Katie posted this on Myspace, and it's just too good not to share. It still brings me to tears.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today our sweet baby Cammy is 19 years old! Happy Birthday Cammy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

a mini panic attack....just a little one....

Last night hubby was attending a banquet in Seattle. He usually gets home anywhere between 10-11pm. I should have known it was going to be closer to 11pm since he was flying home, but I got myself all freaked out anyway.
I was watching Hells Kitchen last night. When it ended, the 10 O' Clock News came on with a breaking story about a fatal car crash on I-205 Northbound at Mill Plain. Hubby would have been driving right passed there. What freaked me out the most was that they said it involved a small car. He was driving the Miata last night. I called his cell phone and it went straight to his voice mail. I called it again 10 minutes later. Same thing. I spent almost an hour standing at the front window, blinds open, window open, house phone in my bathrobe pocket, cell phone in one hand, kitty in the other, and tears streaming down my face. I seriously had a complete panic attack. I have never done that before. Not like that. I have worried. Oh yah, I'm the Queen of Worry. But this was different. I had way to much time standing there to have all these horrible thoughts going through my head. "What if it's him? What am I going to do? Please please please please ( x a thousand) don't be him. " I won't even get into all of the thoughts. Lets just say my mind was working overtime. I watched for car headlights. His or the County Chaplain coming to tell me it was him in the accident. I know all to well what a visit from the County Chaplain is all about. I do not ever want to see that man or any man that takes the job after him ever again. Maybe I need some therapy. Nah...I think I just need to stop worrying so damn much. I got myself all freaked out because I had not heard from him. Stupid thing is, he always....ALWAYS....calls to tell me he is on his way. I know he does. So why did I think last night was the one night he did not call to say he had landed and was on his way? I blame Chef Gordon Ramsey. Yep, it's all his fault. He was yelling and screaming at those poor wanna-be chefs and I was all worked up over it.
Damn You Gordon Ramsey!!! **shakes fist in air**

** just found out that it was a 44 year old woman who died in the crash. so sad**

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oiy....I've been so busy today....

Short blog with just pictures today. I've been on the run since 8:30. Had a massage, took mom to lunch, then we saw a movie, and then I had errands to do. Just got home. I be pooped!

Enjoy the pictures of Spring! It's almost here!
For some reason it won't let me put text under the pictures. The top 2 are from the tree at work. And the others are from my back yard.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PLEASE!!!! Wear a Helmet!

** i am so stunned and so very sad to read that Natasha has died. I am a huge fan of her work, and will always be. my heart is breaking for liam. i have always loved both of their talents. she will be greatly missed.**

I'm so saddened at hearing the news of actress Natasha Richardson's skiing accident. If only the class she was in had required all students to wear a helmet. Why would a beginners skiing class not require helmets? Obviously a beginning skier is going to fall...a lot. It only takes one quick blow to the back of the head, or a major shake or jarring. Head injuries are so hard to overcome. I'm so thankful that Katie is now the proud owner of a helmet for when she is snowboarding. It scared me that she was not wearing one. But now she is.....right Katie???? Hubby and I also wear helmets when we ride our bikes. It's just common sense. There is so much information out there now about what happens to the brain when it is injured. I really hope she is able to overcome this injury. Unfortunately, sometimes people who have had a serious brain injury have personality changes. Or memory loss, they can't concentrate. This is not a good thing for anyone let alone an actress who has to rely on her memory for her job.
My thoughts are with the family......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Fresh out of the oven.
Freshly glazed!


Katie HAD to eat some! And then she took half of the entire cake home!

Hubby wants an "Irish" dinner tonight. So I am off to the store to get everything to make corned beef, cabbage and red potatoes. I was just online trying to find an "Irish" dessert and have settled on an Irish Cream Bundt Cake. Here is the recipe....


1 cup chopped pecans
1 yellow cake mix
1 (3.4oz) instant vanilla pudding
4 eggs
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup Irish Cream liqueur
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup Irish Cream

Preheat oven to 325*. Grease and flour 10 inch bundt pan. Sprinkle nuts over bottom of pan.

In large bowl combine cake mix and pudding. Mix in eggs, 1/4 cup water, oil and 3/4 cup Irish cream. Beat at high speed for 5 minutes. Pour over nuts in pan.

Bake for 60 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Cool on rack in the pan for 10 minutes. Invert onto serving dish. Prick top and sides of cake. Spoon glaze over top and brush onto sides. Allow cake to absorb glaze and then repeat until all glaze is used.

To make glaze: In sauce pan, combine butter, 1/4 cup water, sugar. Bring to boil and and continue boiling for 5 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup of Irish Cream.

I will post a picture when it is done!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How do we really know????

Recently one of my online buddies was having some stress about another of our online buddies. She had not been able to get a hold of the other person for several days. This is someone who she had contact with every night. She tried and tried to get a hold of her. Emails, myspace, cell phone calls. She was even going to call the local hospitals to see if she was there, but unfortunately she did not know her last name. She finally was able to get a hold of her, after the friend was released from the hospital! She had been very sick. My friend wished she had known. She felt so bad that her friend was in the hospital and yet she had no idea. But that is one of the hard parts of having online friendships. Some of us can be very very private, for personal reasons. And that is perfectly acceptable. I know that I am going to be more careful. I have been too open and trusting in the past and it has come back to bite me in the butt. But when something like this happens, you wish you knew just that little bit more. Today on Yahoo News there is an article about a man who was big into an online game. He had quite a few friends in a group that he belonged too. The man passed away and his family had no idea how to contact his online friends. No one knew his passwords so they could not log into his game. Finally his daughter asked around that gaming community and found someone who recognized her fathers online game ID and they were able to direct her to his group. It took a while but she was able to find them. Some in the group thought that he had gotten mad and was taking a break. How could they have known that the man had died? I have worried about online friends before. Some just all of a sudden disappear. You wonder what happened? You worry. Then you start to wonder if they really had existed or if they were made up by someone who was hiding who they really were because you had already made it clear that you did not want to have anything to do with them. One example is someone started posting on a blog that I was going to. They came across super friendly and quite funny. They got a myspace, had everyone join it, and then they up and disappeared. Stopped going to the blog, stopped going to myspace. They have not even logged onto myspace for about 2 years now. What happened? Where did they go? I ended up deleting them because I didn't see the point in keeping someone as a myspace friend if they were not even going there anymore. Weird. Makes you wonder if that person is even alive anymore. So what do you do? I know I have some people programmed into my cell phone so if anything were to happen to me my family would be able to contact those people, and they in turn would let people know. I have addresses of a lot of other online friends. So I know I'm covered. But what about some of my other online friends? I would have no idea of how to find out what is going on if they stopped showing up at blogs, myspace or facebook. I would have no idea if they just got tired of it all and up and left. Or if they were sick. Or hurt. How far do you keep your distance with online friends? Are you not suppose to get that close to people you have never met face to face? I would find that really hard since I feel like I have become very close to some.
So what do you do? How do you protect yourself and yet meet people at the same time? I am generally a pretty nice person. And a very loyal friend. And yet I find being an online friend can be difficult. It is hard for me to trust now. I definitely have my group of online friends that I love and trust. Some I talk to all the time, others I talk to every once in a while, because life just gets in the way.
I would be extremely saddened to lose any of these friends. So don't any of you go anywhere!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Trivia Sunday!!!

Today's quiz is about one of my favorite movies when I was a teen......GREASE!!!!
Have fun!!

1. The movie "Grease", directed by Randal Kleiser, takes place in what year?

A. 1959
B. 1956
C. 1950
D. 1954

2. Danny Zuko, portrayed by John Travolta, falls in love with an innocent girl from Australia, named Sandy. What was Sandy's last name?

A. Olsson
B. It was not revealed
C. Mitchell
D. Jones

3. Actress Susan Buckner portrayed which character?

A. Marty
B. Patty
C. Jan
D. Frenchie

4. Which fictional restaurant was frequented by the gang?

A. Tastee Freeze
B. Frosty Palace
C. Snow King
D. Dairy Queen

5. Danny Zuko received a letterman's sweater for which sport?

A. Basketball
B. Baseball
C. Track
D. Wrestling

6. Complete these lyrics from the song "Summer Nights", featured on the soundtrack of the movie "Grease":
"Took her bowling in the arcade,
We went strolling, drank lemonade,
We made out, under the dock,
We stayed out until .................."

A. it was dawn
B. midnight
C. 10 o'clock
D. 9 o'clock

7. What is the first name of Rizzo?

A. Bonnie
B. Belinda
C. Betty
D. Margaret

8. Name the character from the movie "Grease" that was portrayed by actress Dinah Manoff?


9. Complete the words, delivered by Kenickie in the movie "Grease":
"A hickey from Kenickie is....."


10. Actor Lorenzo Lamas appeared in the movie "Grease", as the character who dated Sandy for a while.

11. The character, portrayed by Didi Conn in the movie "Grease", was nicknamed Frenchie for what reason?

A. She was born in Paris
B. She can french-inhale
C. She has seen the Eiffel Tower
D. She studies French

12. Complete the words, said by nurse Wilkins in the movie "Grease": "It's the first day of school and already my ........................ is missing".

A. thermometer
B. band aids
C. chocolate
D. castor oil

13. Which popular actor/singer performs the song "Beauty School Dropout"?

A. Jerry Lee Lewis
B. Fabian
C. Frankie Avalon
D. Frankie Valee

14. What is the name of Rydell High Scholl's football team?

A. Raiders
B. Tigers
C. Clovers
D. Rangers

15. Name guys group and the girls group that the main characters belonged to:


Scroll down for answers!
1. A. 1959
2. A. Olsson
3. B. Patty
4. B. Frosty Palace
5. C. Track
6. C. 10 o'clock
7. C. Betty
8. Marty
9. "like a Hallmark card."
10. True
11. B. She can french-inhale
12. D. castor oil
13. C. Frankie Avalon
14. D. Rangers
15. Guys: T-Birds Girls: Pink Ladies

Friday, March 13, 2009

YAY! It's Friday!

I'm so glad its Friday. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have just a couple little things I want to do. Other than that I'm just gonna relax in the big comfy chair with a book. Thought hubby and I might go to a movie Sunday, but there is nothing new worth going to. Besides, I woke up with a stuffy/runny nose this morning. And I'm sneezing. Greeeeeaaaat....I'm going to run up to Freddie's on my lunch break and get drugs. Good drugs. Yeh gimme gimme gimme gimme......I need something to dry this up. Sorry. I'm sure no one wants to read about my runny nose. Whatever. I'm not feel'n right...in the head. You have to say that with an Irish accent. Only a movie buff would understand that! Ohhhh...I just remembered that today is...again...Friday the 13th! Oooooo....be afraid, be very afraid. Can you tell this blog is going no where today? Yeh....sorry. I did read an interesting article on Yahoo News this morning. They found a "vampire" in Italy. Well the grave of one from the 1500's or something like that. OK...I just looked. They think she died in 1576 due to the plague. I'm not sure that I want to go into the whole "what really happened to the body" that made them believe she was a vampire. It's a little gross. Read the article. I will upload the picture though. LOL! Yeh...I won't talk gross, but I will show you gross! I'm warped. I'm also a little sick. Not mentally, just the cold going on. Anyway, they found a mass grave of victims from the plague and this woman was found with a brick placed in her mouth. This was done to prevent the "vampires" from feeding. The article explains medically what really was going on with her body. Like I said....gross. Read it! LOL! OK....I'm done. Here is the link to the article.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Cleaning and Oh So Much More.....

**warning...a little graphic talk will be going on today**

What a beautiful day outside today. Blue sky, warm sun. The air still has a bit of chill to it though. And this morning it was down right freezing. But still a clear and gorgeous day. I just returned from having lunch with my Jenny. She had her b-day Sunday so it was an extra special lunch! It's always so much fun to have lunch with Jenny. One of us at some point will be in tears from laughing. Usually me since she cracks me up constantly! Although I did get her laughing pretty good when she showed me a picture of her from a trip to Vegas she had went on some years ago. One of her friends had just given her a picture that she had taken on their trip of Jenny laying on the floor in the hallway of their hotel. Jenny was wearing a very colorful patterned shirt and the carpet was this wild Moroccan print. And I looked at Jenny and said "Camouflage. Doing it pretty good actually." She was cracking up. She, like me, had been on lolcats and that is one of the quotes that is used pretty often. Although they spell everything wrong, cause you know, they are cats and cats can't spell! I love my Jenny!
I had a little story to share with Jenny at lunch too. Since we have been friends since the 7th Grade, I can pretty much tell her anything. And since this is my blog, I will share here too! But a little warning, some may find this a little inappropriate....
I was at the dentist this morning to have my every 6 months cleaning. I like the hygienist that I have been seeing the last 4 or 5 times I have gone in. When I got there she brought up that the last time I was in it was right before my Europe trip. She wanted to know how the trip was. What I liked most. General chit chat conversation. I'm laying in the chair and we are having a little chat , well as much as I can chat with her hands in my mouth. I tell her about how the trip was so fantastic but that on the last day I got sick and that I was really ill for several days after getting home. So I'm laying there and she says that she and her husband had taken a cruise once. And she tells me that she wore one of those patches because she gets seasick. Then she says that the patch really dehydrates you, it drys you out. Then she says "You know how when you are on vacation and you have a lot of sex. Well I ended up coming home with a really bad bladder infection." WHAT??? OMG!!! Yah OK...really? Did she really just tell me that? Jenny told me that when I see her again in 6 months I should ask her "So...hows the vag?" I was stunned. I was like...this women is sticking her hands in my mouth and she is talking about sex and bladder infections! Its funny, but kinda gross at the same time.
People share the strangest things with me. I guess I just bring that out in them. Not sure why......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Do You Find A "huldufólk"

There is an article on MSN today about how Icelanders believe in huldufólk (hidden folk), also known as Elves. It's quite hilarious. It says that they conducted a poll in 2007, and found out that 54% of Icelanders don't deny the existence of elves, 8% believe in them outright, but only 3% claim to have encountered one personally. I want to meet some of the 3%! I think it would be a riot to go out and search for elves. But then again maybe not. I think elves are suppose to be a little bit mischievous, or evil. I would have to look into that a little more. Maybe I am thinking of Rumpelstiltskin. Now he was a little devil! But the article goes on to say that you can't just "find" an elf. You have to have the "ability" to find them. Meaning you have to born with it, to be a seer. So in other words, you have to be psychic. Well crap. That leaves me out. One of the more ridiculous things in the article is that before the company Alcoa could erect a factory, "it had to defer to a government expert to scour the enclosed plant site and certify that no elves were on or under it." Bwaaaa haaaa haaaa!!! Gotta love those Icelanders! They seriously make companies prove that there are no elves on site before they can build. And people were laughing at our Spotted Owls! At least we have photographic proof that those exist!

I watched Idol last night. I thought about half of them did pretty good. Gawd....why do they have themes each week???? I think themes, and Ryan(THIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......is A MER i can IDOL!) Seacrest, are the worst parts of the show. Seriously...who is going to release a cover album of Michael Jackson hits? None of these singers thats for sure. Just let them sing the types of songs that they are going to record. That is what I would like to hear. I thought that Adam, Allison and Danny were the best last night. I thought that Lil Rounds, Jasmine, and Jorge struggled. A couple others were pretty good too. A few others were also bad. My picks to leave tonight would be Lil and Jorge. But I don't think Lil will. So I am picking Megan and Jorge. We'll see after tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing Kelly Clarkson tonight too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whoa....Major Late Blog

I was going to blog after I got home from getting my hair done, but Katie called and wanted to see a movie. So I just got home. We went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. Cute chick movie. So here are pics of my hair....I was brave so there is a "before" and an "after"!!! And I am also putting up a pic of our little hail,sleet,whatever the heck it was downpour last night. The picture made the balls of whatever look huge! LOL! They obviously were not big. This is Washington, not Nebraska! I can't believe that I am going to show you my 8 week grey grow-out! It's horrible. I took the pic with my cell phone before I went into the salon. I had her cut my hair a little shorter this time too. But now it's at the length that bugs me. Right at my shirt collar, so it kinda wants to go into my shirt. Bugs me. I'll get used to it. Actually, by the time I get used to it, it will have grown out long enough to not do that anymore!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts....

First off....It's snowing....again! This has been THE weirdest winter ever. It's March for crying in a bucket. Nothing is sticking, but still. It is pretty though. I love snow. I will always love it. I just don't like missing work over it! Not that I am missing work today. I'm here, and the girls who were sick all last week are back. They are both still all congested and coughing poor things. And I'm sure they both have a ton of work to catch up on. I can't do their work, or I would have tried to do something for them last week. But instead I was stuck here at my desk. I do not know anything about the Admin Dept, so I know Diane has a lot of stuff to catch up on. She went home sick Monday and was out the rest of the week. So I'm sure she has a crapload of work today.
My wrist hurts today. I was playing with Kodiak and he got a little rough with me and scratched up my hand and wrist. There are scratches on the underside of my wrist so when I use the mouse my hand rests on the desk and it hurts. It also hurts from searching for the dang Hatchling Eggs! I was searching all day Saturday. Yep...I don't have anything better to do. I could have read my book, but I was baking cookies and since its Katie's book I didn't want to leave possible greasy finger spots on the pages. It was nice to have a lazy weekend. I kinda did laundry. Heh Heh. I should have done more, but if you know anything about me you know that I hate doing laundry.
I have talked to a couple people this morning about, for lack of better topics, Sex Offenders. I blogged earlier about the 13 year old girl who was murdered by a Sex Offender a couple weeks ago. I found out this morning that the same thing has happened to a 13 yr old girl in Ohio who was jogging near her house. And then another girl and her little sister are missing somewhere back East. We were discussing what should be done with these perverts. Things like...locking them up for life. Putting them in the prison general population so that they will be "taken care of". Or some liked the idea of castration. While that sounds like a most excellent idea, it does nothing for the sickness in their heads. So you remove the "weapon" but they still have the "thought" to commit the crime. My opinion is....lock up all level 3 Sex Offenders for life. Done. No one wants to deal with these perverts, so lets just lock them up and not have to deal with them. Give them some daily food, some water, no TV, no books. I would like to know what that Prison Warden in Maricopa County does with his Sex Offenders. I think its Maricopa County. Anyway, its the Warden in Arizona. I love that guy. He makes his prisoners wear pink t-shirts. They have to sleep outside in tents even in the middle of Summer. It could be 120* outside, and he makes them stay out there in the tents. His view is that if our US soldiers can sleep in tents in the 120* weather in Iraq in full military gear, then these lawbreakers can do it shorts and t-shirts. He is required by law to let them watch TV, so they get something like the Weather Channel and Disney. We need more Wardens like him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Test your knowledge on one of my favorite tear-jerker movies!

1. As the movie opens, what is being celebrated?

A: 4th of July
B. Wedding
C. St. Patrick's Day
D. Christmas

2. How many bridesmaids were in attendance at Shelby's wedding?

A. 3
B. none...they decided to elope
C. 2
D. 9

3. How many times was Ouiser married?

A. 2
B. 1
C. none...she was an old maid
D. 3

4. What is Sammy's full name?

A. Samuel F. B. DeSoto
B. Samuel L. DeSoto
C. Sammy Dewayne DeSoto
D. Sam Bob DeSoto

5. According to Truvy, who "when it comes to pain and suffering" is "right up there with Elizabeth Taylor?"

A. Shelby Eadenton Latcherie
B. Ouiser Boudreaux
C. Ruth Robelleen
D. M'lynn Eadenton

6. Whose idea was the "bleeding armadillo" groom's cake?

A. Shelby's
B. Aunt Fern's
C. M'lynn's
D. Jackson's

7. Where is Aunt Fern from?

A. Baton Rouge
B. Chinquapin Parish
C. New Orleans
D. Alexandria

8. When is Jack, Jr.'s birthday?

A. July 3rd
B. July 1st
C. July 4th
D. July 5th

9. What is Drum's favorite food?

A. chili peppers
B. onions
C. hot sauce
D. pork and beans

10. Why was Nancy Beth de-throned as the Miss Merry Christmas Queen?

A. she was caught in a motel with a "high political official"
B. she had breast enhancment surgery
C. she became pregnant
D. she had a sex change operation

11. Ouiser and Drum are embroiled in a legal dispute. What is the reason for this dispute?

A. Ouiser's dog biting Drum
B. A magnolia tree they both claim
C. Ouiser's will
D. Drum keeping Ouiser awake with gun shots at all hours

12. What is Truvy's son's name?

A. Ludlow
B. Larry
C. Louie
D. Linus

13. According to Clairee, what is one of the ways you can tell if a man is gay?

A. all gay men sing show tunes
B. all gay men are named Mark, Rick, or Steve
C. all gay men wear tight shirts
D. all gay men wear old clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt

14. What is the name of Truvy's new salon?

A. Truvy's II
B. Glamor Technicians Inc.
C. Truvy and Annelle's
D. Truvy's West

15. Who dies towards the end of the movie?

A. Clairee
B. Ouiser
C. Shelby
D. M'lynn

16. What is Truvy's husband's name?

A. Sammy
B. Spike
C. Spud
D. Skip

17. What is the only religious thing Ouiser ever did?

A. dressed up as a nun and went bar hopping
B. was a missionary in the Bahamas
C. took a field trip to Boystown
D. built a wing on First Presbyterian Church

18. Who was the last one in the room after they turned off the life support?

A. Jackson
B. M'lynn
C. Drum
D.Nurse Pam

19. According to Shelby, what does M'lynn's hairstyle resemble?

A. a brown football helmet
B. a bird's nest
C. a bee hive
D. a hair-do from hell

20. What holiday is being celebrated as the movie ends?

A. Memorial Day
B. Labor Day
C. Mardi Gras
D. Easter


Saturday, March 7, 2009


I totally forgot to blog today. Sorry to anyone who stopped by to check things out. I was up at 8am, and Robert cooked me breakfast, then the day just got away from me. I was busy though! LOL! I went shopping and bought my niece Julianna a b-day gift for her 1st b-day. It's next week. I bought her the cutest ROXY sweat jacket, a white eyelet cotton shirt and jeans with little pink hearts. It's so cute! I should take a picture to share. OK....I will... Be right back!
OK.....LOL! I uploaded the pics! It's really cute don't you think?!
So after I went shopping for that I came home and baked choco-chip cookies. I had a bunch left over from when we went camping and I said something to my mom. She kinda begged a little for them. So I warned her that they were almost a week old at that point. She wanted them anyway. She said "That is what microwaves are for!" Well I saw her the other day and she commented on how much she enjoyed them. I asked if she wanted some fresh ones because I had all of the ingredients still. She was all...twist my arm! So today I made her some cookies and when I had enough done to fill a bag, I took them over to her still warm. She was so happy that she grabbed me and gave me a kiss on the cheek! It was so funny!
Lets see, what else did I do today. I brushed the kitties. They loved that. What else.....hmmmmm.....Well I searched for Hatchlings all afternoon while baking. Get this...I found 10 planets! 10! But ..... 5 of them were Mars, 4 were Uranus and 1 Saturn (which I lost because I goofed). There are 12 total, and I found 2 over and over and over! So funny. I spread the love and sent them to people who did not have them.
Guess that's all. Not much. Sorry.
I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow~

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fuzzy Luv

Here are a couple of Get Fuzzy funnies. I love this comic strip. I have not been reading it regularly lately. I need to get my Fuzzy on!
**click on the comic to show it bigger, then you can really enjoy it!**

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know it is not Monday, but I just got an email from my friend about her assistant being a regular Mondaycantget.....OK you get the point. I don't want to type that whole thing out again!
Why do people do that? Spend the weekend partying, or just sitting around getting their drunk on, and then when they feel like crap on Monday they call in sick. Oh they have a ton of excuses, but what it all boils down to is that they are not a loyal employee. I'm not taking about people who are truly sick. Like the the girls here this week. They are really sick the poor things. No, I'm referring to the regular Monday call ins. The people who take at least one Monday off a month because they are "sick". Who gets sick only on Monday? How weird is it that some people get sick 12 times a year, only on Monday? Why do they not get sick on Thursdays? Or why not just get a jump on your weekend and call in sick on Friday? Nope. It has to be Monday. I think there must be something more to it then just being hungover. If you drink that much over the weekend then you have major problems and need to get help. If you just can't get up enough energy to go to work on Monday to start your week off, then you need to quit your job because you are obviously not happy there. All you are doing is causing extra work for the people who have to cover for you. And, seriously, you look bad by doing this. No one believes that you are really sick. And we talk about you to. How does that feel? Kinda makes you feel like crap knowing that people are talking about you. "Gee....guess who called in sick today?' "No way! Well I'm not surprised. She always calls in sick on Monday." "Well I for one am sick and tired of covering for her." "I'm not doing her work today. I did it last time." You get the idea. People get frustrated when certain people take advantage of their employer. You are there to work, not take Monday's off because you are tired, or like I said before, hungover. Get some help. Deal with your issues so that you can get back to work. Or quit your job and find something that you truly wish to do. I'm so thankful that we don't have that particular disease here. I'm very lucky. But I did have to deal with someone who had that at my last place of employment. 11 years of that woman calling in regularly on Mondays. Not only was she not sick, but she was usually out of town and didn't want to come back to work. She was a pro at calling in sick and going out of town. But what she was not a pro at was covering up her lies. She was so stupid that she would come back to work and talk about her weekend in LA or wherever the heck she was. She, I'm not kidding here, would take up to 20 sick days a year! And that was on top of her 3 weeks of vacation! I could go the whole year with 3 sick days. In the 4 years that I have been working here, I did not have one sick day until we came back from Europe. So in my total 4 years, I have had 3 sick days. Now I realize that people do get sick. We all get sick at some point. But for the ones that get sick only on Mondays.....Get some help.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

its a TV show people!

WOW. People are getting really worked up over the way The Bachelor ended the show this season. I have not watched for a few years because I just got tired of the whole stupidity of this "Reality" show. But I was bored, so as I sat at the computer searching for Hatchlings, I would have that show on. From the beginning, I liked Jillian. I though out of all of the women, she was the most real. I always thought something was just a little off with Molly and Melissa. They both had their moments where I thought they were just totally fake, and really bad actresses. And Jason, the worst actor of them all. Cute guy. Good Dad. But horrible actor. No guy cries that much. Makes me wonder if he is not really gay? Just kidding! Anyway, they were all horrible actors. And then they drop the BOMB on the After the Final Rose show. What a joke. People on message boards were all...Jason is a jerk! Molly is sloppy seconds! Molly is a bitch! Melissa is so better off!....but in "reality" this had to have been staged. Melissa was pissed as soon as she walked out. She knew she was going to be made to look like a fool, and she was not happy about it. Or she was just such a bad actor that she started her "I'm pissed" act a little too soon! Molly also knew what was going on. And Jason? Please. How many times did he look up from "crying" to see where the camera was? The whole thing was a joke. A horribly acted joke on everyone who believed it! What cracks me up the most is that people are falling for it. They are so worked up over Jason dumping Melissa on TV. People....it's all fake! There is a reason only one of these couples have made it. And it was that Bachelorettes second show! I didn't watch that show either. I think I have only watched maybe 3 of the seasons. I don't ever really buy into the whole finding love on a TV show. I found some of the shows to be fun to watch because of all of the catty bitchyness. But now I watch America's Next Top Model for that! I have never enjoyed the shows where the girl picks from a bunch of guys. 25 guys competing for one girl would never happen in real life. And what girl is going to really let some casting director find her a man? Please....But I can see where a guy would want to spend a couple weeks making out with a bunch of pretty girls to get his face some TV exposure. Because when you break this all down, that is all this show is. Young kids trying to get a break into show business. I for one am done with this show. The acting is horrible, and it's just not any fun anymore.
**I watched the second update show. I still think it was a set up. I think Melissa was already mad when she walked out onto that stage. And then they had to go and announce that Jillian is the new Bachelorette. It is going to take a lot to make me watch again. Ugh. I like Jillian too. Just don't know if I want to get sucked into all that junk again.**

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"You are sitting in a chair....IN THE SKY!!!!"

Glynis sent me this video. It's hilarious....and it makes you think about the things that you complain about. I know that I am going to just stop, pause, and really think about whether I really need to complain about what it is I am about to complain about!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished you may either hang up, or stay on the line for further options. Beeeeeeep...."

I copied this from an article on Yahoo News. This is from Amsterdam.

God is taking calls.
Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has set up a local telephone number in the Netherlands, where he urges people to leave messages for God on his answering machine.
Van der Dong said he set up the number to give people an opportunity to take pause and contemplate life.
"Like praying, leaving a voicemail message is a way to organize your thoughts," he said. "It's a perfect combination for some contemplation."
Callers dialing 06-4424-4901 (or +316-4424-4901 if calling from outside the Netherlands) from March 7 will hear.
"Hi, you are speaking to God. I'm not in right now so leave a message after the beep."

Since I don't want to call long distance, here is my message.....

Hey God. It's me, Barb. Long time no talk! Yeh, so anyway....Where have ya been? I spent a lot of time, you know, talking to you and such when I was a kid. But now, not so much. I'm just not feel'n ya anymore. With all the hating going on in the world, and all the needless deaths. It makes me wonder why I was talking to you in the first place. That peaceful feeling people are suppose to have when they talk to you, or think about you, or pray to you.....yah, don't have that. Some people won't like me because of that, others will pray for my soul. Me? I guess I will find out when I die. My mom used to tell me that when you die, if you have not learned your lesson that you were suppose to learn in your lifetime, then you don't go to heaven. Instead you have to come back here and live again until you have learned your particular lesson. Sweet! I get to come back?! Right on! I love it here. Even though there is death, and sadness in the world, there is also beauty and happiness. And a ton of fun sh*t ( oops...sorry for the little swear word. i know....10 hail marys) to do! Like laying on a sandy beach. Or having wild sex! Yeh heheheh! I'll come back. I hope you don't mind that I like to spend my time enjoying life instead worrying about whether or not I get to spend eternity with you. Because I'm all about being happy and making the people I love happy. Is that OK with you? I'm sure it is. You're all about people being happy, spreading the love. You're God.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aint Gots Nuffin

Sorry to anyone who stops by today. I have a horrible headache so I am going to crawl back in bed. I was very productive yesterday though. Made 12 cards with Beth. A couple of them I really love. They are posted on both Myspace and Facebook if you have not seen them yet and would like too. Not that I expect you all to run over to either place and leave a comment or anything....GO! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Just kidding.
Back to bed.....