Wednesday, August 18, 2010

someone left their heart in San Francisco.......

Robert, Bryan and I took Celina down to San Francisco this past weekend. She will be there for 8 months to a year going to Grad School. Smarty pants. We drove her down along with the few belongings she took with her. Poor Bryan kept getting disappointed the more she pulled stuff out of boxes...."You took Lord of the Rings?" "You took Harry Potter?" He was more concerned about the movies then her living away from him! He was just kidding with her. He would say something and she would get upset and say "You said I could take it!" It was funny. We unloaded all of her stuff from the truck Friday and she and Bryan put together the futon bed that night. Then we walked around her neighborhood trying to find a place to eat. Saturday we went back to her apartment and they put together her dresser and bookcase. After that we decided to go down to the pier for lunch. They figured out where to wait for a cable car, and we walked a couple blocks and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally one came. And it was full. He said there was another one right behind him. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And then it came. And it was full. So we decided to take the bus. We crossed the street to wait for the bus. Now while we were waiting for the cable car, 3 or 4 buses had come by. Now we were waiting for a bus. And a cable car came. But it was full. Still no bus. Lots of taxi's though. Robert wanted to take a cab. I hate cabs. We decided to walk down. I suggested that we just follow the cable car tracks. So we did. There were a lot of hills. Not very many were up hill though, so it was not a bad walk. We got down to the pier, had chowder and sour dough bread for lunch, then walked down to the Boudin bread store and then back over to Ghirardelli for chocolate. The plan was to take the cable car back up to Celina's neighborhood. But it was going to be a 2 hour wait. Robert and Bryan got in line and Celina and I sat in the park. After several minutes, I thought that we should have bought the tickets to ride the cable car already, so I asked Celina to say something to the boys. They both decided they didn't want to wait 2 hours, so Bryan called a cab. Bleck. But it was actually a great idea. The cab showed up within minutes, took all four of us back to Celina's super fast and it was only $6.00. The cable car was $5.00 per person. I insisted on buying Celina groceries before we left. I was not going to leave without her having food and cleaning supplies. Good thing we did it when we were all there because she would have had to walk a couple blocks up hill with all that stuff by herself. We left early evening so that Bryan and Celina could spend some time together. Then Sunday morning we went back to get the empty suitcases and large cardboard that we told her we would take back for her...and Bryan. Robert stayed with the truck to load stuff in back that Bryan and I brought down. Then I went up to hug her and say goodbye and quickly left before I started to cry. I sent Robert up to say goodbye and he came back down a few minutes later and said "Thanks for sending me up there when she is bawling her eyes out." Which is what I was trying to avoid myself, but didn't even think he would have to see. I felt so bad leaving her there, but I know it is the best thing for her to do to finish school. It will all be good. Hopefully for Bryan and Celina it will go fast. They already have plans for when she is going to Seattle and for when Bryan is going back down there.
And they always have text messaging.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

come on stephenie meyer....make this happen!

i was reading an interview on eonline with jackson rathbone (jasper in twilight) and he was saying that he wants to do a twighlight origins type movie showing how jasper came to be a vampire and what he did until he hooked up with the cullens. i would love for stephenie meyer to write books about all of the cullens and their lives up until they became a cullen. i know she touched on all of their stories in the original books, but i want an entire book devoted to each of the characters telling their stories before they became a vampire and what happened afterwards. i'm just not ready to give this story line up yet. i love the movies, even though i think most of the acting is horribly cheesy. but i really really love the books. i need to read them all over again.
would you want to read the backgrounds of all of the cullens?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

august randomness......

have not blogged in a week.
guess you will just have to forgive me :-)
the cool weather we have been having lately is perfect.
trying to get some friends to join us for a night of journey tribute music on our 27th anniversary on the 20th.
wanna go???
i'm hungry.
kinda want chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
someone at work was talking about her drive through the rockies last week.
makes me want to go.
i have been sitting here for several minutes trying to figure out what to say next.
i got a weird message on facebook from some beef cake saying he wanted to meet/talk to me because he was looking for a husband.
do i look like a guy?
now i really want some of that cake.
not beef cake.
the choco cake w/pb frosting.
that one.
not the weirdo who thinks i would make a great husband.
i wouldn't.
i gots the wrong parts.
someone just gave me a peach.
it smells yummy.
will eat it for lunch.
i'm still hungry.
are you bored yet?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

good thing i'm walking tonight.....

when i came back from lunch this afternoon
this was waiting for me on my desk.....

hmmmmm....wonder what could be inside.....


a chocolate cup with mousse and berries!


one of the agents, kalani, asked me on her way out to lunch if she could bring me back anything. I told her no thank you, and she said "I will bring you back some dessert!" and promptly went out the door! she is the sweetest ever :-) this is not the first time she has brought us back goodies. she has given us cookies and gift certificates before.

good thing i'm walking tonight......

Monday, August 2, 2010

keeping my art to myself.....

we have decided to not enter the fair this year.
i was so ticked at them last year for using a judge who was not even familiar with the different card making techniques, that i have decided to take a break this year.
as for photos, neither of us have taken a picture of anything that we feel was unique enough to enter.
so we will go friday and look at the photos my sister and niece entered.
and i will go look at the cards and say to myself "i make better cards than THAT!"
which is totally catty, but i will do anyway :-)
friday nights free show will be medieval jousting!
i'm so excited to see that!
knights from the round table riding horses and knocking each other off into the dirt.....
my kind of entertainment!
will have robert take pictures :-)