Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fast food no more.....

(note to self: come here more so that it won't take you 3 tries to remember your password)

i have given up fast food.
and diet soda.
i have not had either since january 1st.
funny thing too...it was taco bell.
the bell is being sued for saying their products include "beef" when in fact it only contains 35%.
i'm trying to eat healthier.
i go home for lunch.
make a sandwich or something.
well i was pretty much always going home for lunch, but now i don't stop at wendy's first.
if there was nothing in the house to make for lunch, then i would grab fast food.
now i make sure that there is something there to eat.
i still need to make changes though.
i want to go organic.
i want to buy only organic meat.
i had been buying organic hamburger for some time, but i don't think my store is carrying it any more.
i will have to look again.
the last few times i bought hamburger i couldn't find it.
another change i made was i am eating breakfast every morning.
i skipped breakfast a lot.
all month i have been eating cereal.
special k or cheerios.
and so far the milk has not been hurting my stomach like it used too.
i used to cramp up whenever i had milk.
but so far i seem to be doing ok :-)
i also started drinking a glass of blueberry juice.
another thing i am going to try is taking hydrochloric acid.
i just bought the newest book from suzanne summers called sexy forever.
i bought it for the title :-)
all kidding aside, she talks about the changes that women over 40 go through.
i have been exercising with my sister terri for a year now, and neither of us were losing any weight.
since giving up the diet soda and fast food, i have lost 8 pounds.
now i was not eating and drinking that stuff every day, but sometimes it was 2-3 times a week.
that was too much.
anyway, in the book she talks about how when you reach 40 you stop producing enough acid in your stomach to digest your food properly so it turns to toxins stored in fat, making you fatter.
since my gallbladder was removed i don't even have acid going into my stomach to help in digestion.
so i think this is something that is important for me to give a try.
i am going online today and order some.
i will let you know how i feel after taking these for a while.
and if i am losing any more weight :-)