Friday, April 30, 2010

kitties & lilacs

Kodiak at the back window.

Alyeska looking out her window to the front yard. kitties are the biggest babies.
they freak out if someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell.
kodi is afraid of my cell phone when robert calls.
it plays journey's lovin touchin squeezin pretty loud.
i tried to lower the volume but it is still loud.
kodi does not like!
and just now, there was a big crash in the living room and the cats tore off to far corners of the house.
one of them pulled the blinds off the window and it crashed onto the hardwood floor.
it was really loud!
kodi was cowering in my bedroom and aly ran to their room and was cowering on the tower.
it was so funny.
their tails were all poofed out.
big babies.
i calmed them down, and they are out here with me, but neither of them have gone into the living room.

i finally remembered to go out back and pick some lilacs.
they smell so good.
most of the blooms on the bushes were turning brown, but i found some blooms farther up that were still pretty.
now the house smells like lilacs!
love them!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello again.....

heh heh heh....
i missed again.
i'm not even going to worry about it anymore.
i either blog....or i don't.
this is just me talking anyway....
today i feel like being random.
idol: i was worried that casey was going to go home last night. i'm so glad he didn't. i think he is my favorite. i do like lee and crystal too. but i'm not ready for casey to be done yet. aaron and mike need to go before he does.
survivor: loving this season! can't wait to see if russell is so pissed at parvati that he sends her home tonight, or if he waits it out and continues to pick off the leftover heroes. will be interesting to see! if he is smart, tonight should be amanda, then colby, candice and rupert. or maybe candice before colby. i think she may be a smarter and more competitive player than colby. then start picking off the villains. he should take jerri to the end because she won't win. or danielle. but for sure not sandra or parvati. such a great season!
movies: went to see ghost writer with mom today. good mystery movie. she fell asleep. a little too slow to keep her attention. i liked it though. and you got to see ewan mcgregor's butt. bonus! i think i want to see the joneses too. it's about a fake family that moves into a neighborhood and they have all the best stuff. all the newest gadgets. and since they are "beautiful" people who seem to have everything, then everyone wants to be like the "joneses" so they go out and buy whatever the joneses have. but they are actually a fake family put together by a marketing firm to get people to buy their products. looks interesting!
guess that is it for now.
gonna stay home tomorrow and work on some guest books for a friend. may need to go to the craft store again. not sure. still trying o figure out exactly what i want to do with these. i have a pretty good idea, just need some finishing touches.
hope you have had a good day too :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's actually IT'S POURING!

It has been pouring off and on all day.

It's refreshing....but I have also been cold all day.

But then again....look how green the grass is!

Monday, April 26, 2010

fast day.....

today went fast.
i didn't go to the celebration of life tonight for linda.
i don't like to go to those.
i don't know if it is a phobia, or if i just don't like to be around all that sadness.
i know it was not a "funeral", it was a celebration.
but i still couldn't go.
i went to the gathering for norma when she passed.
not sure why i was able to go to that.
because it was at their house?
it was norma, and maybe she meant more to me?
because robert was going and a lot of other people i knew?
i don't know.
i cried.
i held it back a lot.
but them couldn't anymore.
i know i am typically a big freaking baby.
i cry so easy.
but around a lot of people like that, i don't want to.
and it makes me feel ill to hold it in.
i get a pounding headache, and it messes with my stomach.
kinda like how i felt last wednesday when we found out that linda had passed.
i held it and held it, but at one point the tears just quietly came.
and the meeting was going on....right there where i sit.
so i held it in and held it in.
and had the worst headache the rest of the day.
i don't think i can handle death very well.
who can?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Times @ the Auction

Had a good night at the auction. It was nice to spend time with Scott and Jody in a "normal" setting. I usually only see them at a campground! There were not as many items this year for the silent auction. Lots of wine and weekend getaways. Very few baskets. We ended up winning a Bowling, Brews & BBQ event and a lapis necklace and earrings set. I bid on that in the last half hour. I looked at it, but was not that interested at first. I think it was because I have been sick all week, and was still not 100% last night. I was just not that into what was being offered. I barely even drank! The horror!! But I kept going back, and no one was bidding on it. Towards the end, there ended up being only 2 or 3 bids. I was talking to Robert about how I had planned on spending $100 on a basket, but there wasn't anything. He asked why I had not bid on the jewelry. I told him I was thinking about it and the next bid would be $77. He told me to quit being a cheapskate and go bid on it. So I did. Then I told him I was not going to hover around it to keep upping the bid. With 5 minutes left I told him that I was going to go and see if anyone had outbid me. Nope. So I stood there and watched the last few minutes. I thought for sure someone was going to outbid me at the last second because there were 6 woman all standing right in front of it as they were counting down the time. With 30 seconds to go, they all turned around walked off! Weird. I have no idea why they were standing there. When they said the auction was closed, I walked over, crossed off the next amount and wrote closed on it. Last year Scott & Jody had won something, but when they walked away, someone wrote another bid on it. They were not happy.
So I am now the proud owner of this.....

It's a really pretty dark blue. And surprisingly light weight. I may just wear it to work tomorrow ;-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dinner & Auction Night

Tonight is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Dinner & Auction.
We usually try to buy something every year.
I think we ended up with 2 baskets and a watch last year.
I love that watch....and I have yet to wear it.
I kept forgetting to take it to a jeweler to have the band adjusted.
I finally did that a few months ago....
only to find out when I got home that the battery was dead.
I have no idea why the jeweler did not notice that.
Unless it died after I got home.
So now I need to take it back and have them put in a new battery.
Still have not done that.
I would have liked to have worn that tonight.
Oh well.....
I went to Kohl's to buy a new top to wear tonight.
Ended up buying 3 tops, a jacket, shoes, nylons, and a small evening bag.
I had a coupon for 15% off everything, and a $50 gift card from my sister for my b-day.
I ended up spending $42.
And I saved $150!!!!!
Do I know how to shop or what?!
Will let you now tomorrow if we win any baskets.

Friday, April 23, 2010

still feel poopy

nothing to say today.
i still feel poopy.
need to get rid of this.
have a dinner tomorrow night......

i was so sick yesterday and today that i didnt come back and see that lois, dreama and KB stopped by. thanks guys. your words today make me feel better....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Brother.....

Today would have been my baby brother Rick's 40th Birthday. 40. I still can't believe that. He was 27 when he was taken from us, and now, he would be 40. He will forever be young. Here are some pictures of him, and by him. Obviously he did not take the baby picture :-)
But the others were taken by him.
Happy Birthday Rick.

Baby Rick. I could not find the same setting
but with the beautiful persian cat.

This is either momma kitty or Cally, not sure.

Nephew Kris. I have no idea how old he is here.

Momma Kitty.

Self Portrait.
This was before he cut his hair really short and grew a beard!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cirque du Soleil

I went to Cirque du Soleil - Kooza last night with Katie, Mara and Angie. Had a really good time. I just wish I didn't have this cold/allergy whatever that I have going on. But it was still fun. The Wheel of Death part of the show scared the you-know-what out of me!
(thanks for finding the video katie! saved me a ton of time!)

**on a sad note.....our agent Linda passed away last night. having a sad today**

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oooooofffff.....good thing i went home for lunch today!

Someone decided that they didn't know how to drive.
I went home for lunch and when I came back someone had crashed right near where I park.
Not sure if the car would have been hit at all, but it would have been pretty dang close.
I was parked in that first spot right next to the planter area, where the firetruck is.
I heard that the guy came in the PUD lot using the Exit.
He had to swerve to avoid a car or a person.
Not sure.
But he smashed into the phone pole.
He had to have been going pretty damn fast because his airbag went off and his truck is totaled.
They took him to the hospital, but he was saying he was OK.
But you never know when the airbag goes off.
I panicked when I first came around the corner coming back from lunch because there was a firetruck and ambulance at the office. So of course I freak thinking someone here had a heart attack, or fell down the stairs. You know how things start running through your mind. But then I saw the crash, and then I had to figure out if that was one of the agents vehicles. But I did not recognize it, so I knew it wasn't. So freaky though.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

gonna be a tough week i think.....

so much is going on this week.
i have things planned for 3 nights this week.
tomorrow....cirque de solei with katie and mara.
wednesday tasting for junior achievement.
saturday afternoon is the vancouver junior achievement bowl-a-thon and then that night is the juvenile diabetes dinner/auction.
but then there are 2 sad things weighing on my head.
one of our agents here at work has been fighting cancer for a couple years, and it looks like she is losing the fight.
she is in the hospital, and they are moving her to hospice.
this is hard.
she is such a great lady.
and to top off my week....not that the last thing was not bad enough....
but thursday would have been my brother rick's 40th birthday.
i just can't even imagine it.
he would have been 40.
he was taken from us at the age of 27.
and now he would have been 40.
i will have to get something extra special for the yard this year for him.
ok.....pity party for one is over.....
i need to get out of this funk.
the first 1/4 of 2010 has sucked big time....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

yeh...i know....

i forgot again.
i was busy all day with my friend beth making cards.
what i wanted to do was upload photos of the scrapbooks that i finished, but i need camera batteries.
i tried just putting regular AA batteries in there and it won't work.
so i will just have to upload another day.
as soon as i feel up to going to the store and getting some.
i feel poopy.
i'm catching a cold or something.
my sinuses are buggin me and that causes my ears to plug up.
so fun.
bet you enjoying hearing about that too huh??
oh well.....
i will get my camera working and upload some photos.
but not today.
probably not tomorrow either....

Friday, April 16, 2010

oh for crying out loud.....

i missed another blog.
i think i'm trying to tell myself something.
you are tired of blogging.
oh well...
i guess if i had something to say, i would have remembered to blog.
i was busy yesterday.
dentist, massage, movie with mom and katie,
walked with terri and missy.
today i left early and went to the oregon symphony's rehearsal for their program this weekend.
fabulous forties.
it was fantastic.
i so want to go to the main showing, and there are plenty of tickets, but the range is from 95 to 48 dollars for seats i want. and i just saw the entire program for free.
well kinda the entire program.
there were lots of stops, re-dos and lets just play a part of this.
and the singers and dancers were not in costume.
the dancers were also just going through the steps and not really performing, so i wanted to go and see what they actually did.
but i am too cheap to pay the 48 bucks for the seats i want.
oh well.
i really enjoyed what i did see today.
going to busy this weekend too.
hope i don't forget to blog again......

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a new blog to share....

on my way to work
this morning
i was listening to rosie
she was talking
with a blogger
who has a new born
baby girl
with down syndrome
it was so sad
so touching
so loving
to hear this mother
talk about her
precious baby girl
if you have a chance
go to her blog
and read what she has to say
and view her beautiful

Monday, April 12, 2010


this is me
and the blog today
i came here so many times
only to leave
not having written a thing
sometimes you just don't have
a thing to say

Sunday, April 11, 2010

take me out to the ball game....

We just got home from our first baseball game in something like 2 years.
We didn't go to any games at all last year.
I wanted to go, but before we knew it, baseball season was over and the playoffs were starting.
I will be sure to have hubby get some tickets to Mariners this year.
I know Katie and Timmy want to take the train up to a game.
Not sure that I want to do that though.
Means you are stuck taking it back too.
I think I would rather go and stay the night and then drive back the next day.
I am not a fan of the train or buses.
Well....tour buses are fun, public transportation ones.....not so much.
The game was good.
They won.
Except one thing.
Why oh why do guys who have obviously been playing ball for a loooong time get themselves into a pickle?
They had a runner on first and third, no outs or maybe one out.
The guy on first tried to steal and the second and first basemen started to chase him down.
And the guy on third just stood there and watched.
It was at the beginning of the game, go for it!
Run home!
Your teammate is sacrificing himself to advance you and your standing there watching!
I would have at least made the attempt to score!
The inning ended with the guy still on third.
Other than that.....Good Win!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

cards cards and more cards

I was very productive today.
I made all cards for the rest of April and May.
So unless something comes up, I don't have to make cards until late in May for June B-days.
Which is a good thing, because I have 3 scrapbooks to finish the fronts and backs to, 3 NEW scrapbooks to make before the end of June, and some special address books for a friends who needs them for a class reunion project.
I will want to do those first.
Just in case they are not what she as wanting.
She already told me that whatever I come up with will be fine, but you know me...I will freak and think that they are not good enough!
Here are a couple pics of the cards I did today....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Koko and a kitteh

I will try to remember to get an update since at the end they leave you questioning whether she gets to keep Tigger.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's Barbika!
So far my day has been so great.
I was greeted on Facebook with a ton of b-day wishes.
And I spent the afternoon with Katie, Mom and my niece Missy.
We went to lunch then went to the movies.
Tonight will be Mexican dinner!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I forgot to blog yesterday :-(
I remembered last night when I got home...and then got sidetracked.
Oh well....
FarmVille has started a new feature in their game.
You can Co-Op Farm with others.
I was not so much into it, until this morning when I saw that if you get the Gold Ribbon(or whatever gold level it is) you can get a special prize.
One of my friends reached the gold on theirs and got the cutest light lavender sheep with grapes in it's mouth.
Now I want it!
I have to wait a couple days though.
I'm out of flowers to put around my garden, so I planted 2 day crop flowers on all of the farms.
But when those are done.....
I'm Co-Op planting some grapes!!!
**i embrace my inner dork**

Monday, April 5, 2010

a day late and many eggs short.....

The Easter Bunny was at my house this morning.
We have had wild bunnies, but this one had to have escaped his pen, or I hope not, let loose by his owners.
He was pretty.
And fast.
An orange tabby caught sight of him and wanted to get a closer look, so the bunny took off up here to the house.
When I went out to take a cell pic, I got a quick one, and then when I tried to get closer he ran.
Poor thing.
Guess I will have to do some research to see if anyone is missing a bunny......

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I know I'm a little late to wish you a Happy Easter, but it's been a long day.
4 hour drive home.
Then trying to get caught up on all of the Facebook stuff.
We didn't do anything special for Easter.
Just roasted a chicken and called it good.
Which it was :-)

Here's to a good week!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sequim & Port Angeles

Took a nice drive to check out Sequim and to see where the ferries are in Port Angeles.
Needed to know where they were for when we go to Victoria in June.
We wanted to drive up to Hurricane Ridge, but it was closed because of snow.
That's OK.
It will be nice to see it for the first time with everyone else when we come back in June.
I did spy a couple scrapbook stores that I will want to visit when we come back.
Both Sequim and Port Townsend have some fun looking shops that we girls can go to.
The boys could care less, but we girls like to shop!
Then we came back and played a game of Progressive Rummy.
Took about 2 hours.
I lost.
We never play cards at home.
Only in the trailer.
And "someone" always complains about having to play only to proceed to kick my ass.
It's been a good, relaxing couple of days.
Tomorrow is Easter though, so I want to get home, even though we are not planning a special dinner or anything.
Maybe if we get home soon enough we will.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Port Townsend

We drove around Port Townsend today, exploring the area for when we come back here in June.
The town puts out a map of historical homes that you can drive around and look at.
Enjoyed that a lot.
It's a very cute town.
Some of the houses were built in the 1860's.
One house had the original ironwork on the the roof still.
I really liked that house.
And there are deer all over the place.
There a four here in the park, and then when we were driving through the old neighborhoods to come back to the campsite, there were 8 more just hanging out in someones yard!
So cute!
It was a bit stormy today.
Rained quite a bit in the morning and it has been windy....really windy most of the day.
Tomorrow we are going to take a drive to Sequim.
Will upload some photos when we get home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ahhhhhhhh....My first Thursday

I felt so good last night knowing that my week was over.
Don't get me wrong....
I love love love LOVE my job!
But I love even more that I only have to work 3 days!
I also know that Karen is reading this **waving at karen**, and she knows I love it there!

I am really excited though to get to have a nice 4 day weekend.
It will be good to decompress.
I have only had regular weekends off since New Years Day.
I'm due for some down time....

And maybe even a glass or 2 of wine......