Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why the big scare tactics?

I don't get this whole Swine Flu hype. It's the flu. My mom's doctor told her this morning that people die from the flu every year, and it's never made out to be this big a deal. They usually don't have catchy names. People get sick because they are either not washing their hands and sticking their fingers in their mouth, nose or eyes. They are having to care for someone else who has it, such as a school age child, or they work with people who don't know how to stay home when they are sick. I got the flu this year for the first time in ages because of being confined on the tour bus. It just passed around the entire bus. As far as I know, Robert is the only person who did not get sick. They make it sound like its the plague or something.
So if you get sick, do everyone a favor and stay home!
Mom and I went to see The Soloist today. Good movie. A little slow, but not too bad. The music put mom to sleep. **note to self: don't take nan to the symphony** Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Fox were really good. Not sure that they were Oscar worthy like I thought the trailers showed, but still good. Will have to wait and see more movies this year to make that call. Saw the trailer again for the new Sandra Bullock movie. Can't wait to see it. Looks really funny. I'm tired and can't remember the name of it. Ryan Reynolds is also in it...and Betty White! Can't get much better than seeing Betty White feel up Sandra Bullock!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OMG! Gotsta Love the Kittehs!

This is on lolcats today. So funny! I can't hear it because, you should know this by now, I don't have speakers at work. But to just see it is hilarious!

Except the kitteh being so close to the fan kinda freaks me out a little......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late Tuesday

Hey RE and Dreama. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I gave plasma again today with Katie. What an ordeal. We got there later in the morning than last week and there was a lot of people there. We took our numbers and signed in. Poor Katie. I was number 665...which means Katie was number 666! I handed it to her and she looked at me with disgust and said "Thaaaaanks" HA! I got there first! Like I would volunteer to keep it. Then she pointed out to me that they were only calling number 627....oiy.....we waited for 2 hours. We won't be doing that again. She said that the next time she goes she will go earlier. Not sure when I will go again. I waited so long and I was getting all fidgety, and my jeans were kinda tight around my waist so I was getting uncomfortable. Katie had 2 magazines, and I blew through both of those. I was not comfortable with all those people in there this time, and the tight jeans. Last time there was hardly anyone there. This time it was packed, and some people reeked of stale old cigarettes, gross. And some were coughing, gross coughing with some body to it. I just wanted to bail. But we were already there. Our numbers were finally called and of course when they called Katie's 666 the room was all "Oh no! That's a bad number!" And laughter. I'm sure Katie wanted to curl up and die. I went into the room for the quick protein test, blood pressure and all the questions again about sexual partners and drugs. After she was done going through all of that, THEN she told me my blood pressure was too high and I needed to go back out to the waiting area for 15 minutes and they would take it again. Dang.....I had just been paroled from there. So back I went. For 15 minutes. I tried to relax but this woman kept laughing and yelling out "Mmmm Mmmm Fried Chicken!" among other things. She was very loud. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. So I sat there and tried to be calm. Took deep breaths(as deep as I could for fear of germs and tight jeans)and tuned her out. They called my name and the blood pressure was fine. Once the plasma draw started it was OK. It was the wait that was awful. If I could just walk in, sign my name, go back and donate and then get the heck out of Dodge everything would be fine. I'm sure I will go again with Katie. Not sure when though. She will only get paid $25 now. She said it's not worth only $25 to sit for 2 hours. She agrees that if we got there early enough that we did not have to wait that long it would be OK. It was just way to long today. I have not talked to her since I dropped her off, but after we went out to lunch and I took her home, I came home and went to bed. I just got up. I slept for 2-1/2 hours. I would have slept longer if the sound of Robert opening the garage door had not woke me up.
What a way to spend my day off. All for $40.....well that and the fact that the plasma goes to good use. Guess that makes up for the long morning.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

I think I enjoy this show more than the American version!

Bryan just sent this to me in an email. I can't watch it until tonight. Actually I have watched it, I just can't hear it. No speakers at work. Let me know if it is any good!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm not going to upload the best shots of Rick here. You can see the others on Facebook.
Guitar Hero Rockin' Bowlers! Mara, Katie, Me, Roodi, Tim
Fred Bear and Captain Bowl-A-Thon aka:Hubby!
Holey Moley I have been busy. Just about all of it has been just for fun. The exception being the plasma donation on Wednesday. Not fun, not bad though either.

Friday night was the Rick Springfield show in Tacoma at the Emerald Queen Casino. We were in the 2nd row just left of center stage. Great seats. Met Sooz from the blogs, but only briefly. She was with friends and I was with the family heading to spend some time on the slots. It was good to meet her in person though regardless of the time we spent chatting. Hubby and I both enjoyed the show. Rick is a very energetic performer, and his fans obviously know the routine down pat. Sooz had told me that ladies will bring roses and he will smash them on his guitar. This happened several times. The last time he did this one of the roses flew off stage and hit me right in the face! I of course saved it. Rick also comes out in the crowd a couple times during the set too. At one point he came over, put his hand on Robert's shoulder and stood on his chair. I was so busy trying to get a photo that I didn't even reach out and touch him! But that's OK...the guy was soaking wet with sweat! Good show. We would see him again, just not sure that we would drive up to that venue again. I thought the sound was horrible. Robert didn't mind it. His mic seemed to cut out a lot, and during Jessie's Girl he broke his guitar strings and he got pissed and threw it because his roadie crew did not have a new one ready right away for him. It was kind of hilarious because he just ran around playing air guitar! But you could tell he was pissed. I'm sure someone got an earful after the show.

Yesterday was the Bowl-A-Thon for Junior Achievement. Well not THE BOT, but the Vancouver one. He already had the Salem one, and next Saturday there will be 2 Portland events. But yesterday was the one that we participated in. It was a blast! We had so much fun. Roodi and I were drinking at 10am. Not good, but made it a lot more fun! I'm paying for it today. Drinking and eating only one meal yesterday is making me feel queasy today. I need to eat something. I stayed in bed as long as I could, but now I just need something to eat. In fact I am going to go get a banana right now. Thought you might like to know that! All done. Banana consumed. Anyway.....BOT was so much fun. My grand total raised (thanks to one last donation from Beth!) was ............................
$660.25!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! I rock!

Katie raised a lot more than I thought she had too. She had over $400 and Roodi had over $1800! I think our team total now is around $2980. If I had known we were so close to $3000 I would have kicked in some more money. Our team won the award for most money raised and Roodi won the award for most money raised by an individual. What is so fun about winning the team award is that we get to have our picture on the poster next year! It will be the team picture uploaded above. Good thing we are not in the BOT in Portland. The top team last year raised over $10,000. But a lot of those teams are from the main office and they have connections to serious money. I know that both Salem and Vancouver raised more than what was projected. Hopefully Portland will also be able to raise more than last year so that they can reach the final goal of $100,000 for all Fred Meyer events.

Robert was hilarious. I can not believe that he can do this. It amazes me that he has changed so much. He usually is pretty quiet at gatherings, does not like to be the center of attention. But when he is asked to do something for work, he does it. The other day...I need to get this picture from him....he wore a large brown yard debris bag and was greeting people at the office as they showed up for work to remind them that it was Brown Bag BINGO day. People at the office were suppose to pack a lunch and spend their lunch hour playing BINGO. I think the money from the sale of the cards went to their in-house employees helping employees charity. I can't get him to go out with friends, but they can get him to dress up in a brown paper bag and wear a bowling pin hat!

Annnnnd....we won't even talk about my bowling scores. Lets just say that I was consistent. I had the same score both games. I think one of Katie's games was higher than my combined score!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Come Back Tomorrow

I have been on the run since this morning. Tomorrow I will blog about the concert and about todays Bowl-A-Thon.
Pictures will be here!

Friday, April 24, 2009

rick SPRINGfield

We are headed to Tacoma today to see Rick Springfield! I'm so excited!! Dr Noah Drake live! Sweeeeeeeet! LOL! I had such a huge crush on him in the 80's. I even remember seeing the movie Hard to Hold. I will let you know how the show is....from Row 2!! LOL!
Enjoy classic Rick and current Rick!

the second video is obviously played with a tape because at the end you hear his voice, but he is not singing. not sure if it is just support vocals for that section, or since it seems to be some kind of odd TV show that they have to lipsynch. no biggie, its still the new song.
OK....LOL! I just played the 2 videos to make sure they were uploaded correctly, and they have the same beat at the beginning of the songs. I had not even noticed that!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I bought a mu-mu. Yep. I am now officially old. LOL! And it's so comfy! I love it. Seriously. It's bright rainbow colored stripes. I was trying to talk my mom into buying one to take to Hawaii in June, but she said it was too long. They were only 8.99 at Ross, so I bought one. I already have it on. Robert is going to hate it! I think its going to be great this summer when it gets super hot. I have some light weight bathrobes, but they always come open at the top. This is a pull-over, so that will not be a problem. Too funny.

We went to see Earth today. I enjoyed it. Mom and Katie did too, but said that they had already seen some of the footage on TV. I didn't care. Seeing it on the big screen was well worth it. The scenes that showed the changing of the seasons were really beautiful. And you can never go wrong with baby polar bears. There was a part about how male birds court the females. One of the males when he spreads out his feathers and puts his head back to dance looks like a big blue happy face. I was cracking up. I will try to find a picture of it.
OK...since I can't figure out the name of the bird, I went to and went to the page for Earth. They had a slide show. It would not let me download the larger picture, but I could the smaller one. So you can see it a little. Go to and look at all of the pictures, and look at this bird in the larger photo. So funny.

You must go see this movie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So....Just how do they use my plasma for those fancy TVs????

Katie and I sold our plasma today. I didn't say "donate" because we were each paid $40. It wasn't too bad. But now I feel kinda queasy.
I set my alarm for 5:30am this morning. gooo...what was I thinking? I am not a morning all. I can get up that early when I need to, but it wipes me out. But I did it. Headed for Katie's at 6:30. We wanted to be at the plasma place after it opened at 7am. We went up to the counter and I didn't have all of the proper ID. Katie told me I had to have my Social Security Card, but I can't find it. I found my old one with my maiden name, but they wouldn't take it. Can't blame them. The lady told me they could take my W2. So I pulled out a check only had the last 4 digits...which matched the last 4 digits on the maiden named card...but she still would not take it. So I dropped Katie off at her house in Portland, drove all the way back home, got my W2, drove back to Portland to get Katie again, and went back. It is now after 9am. I had been running around for 2-1/2 hours just to get $40. But we did it. Since it was our first time we had to go through the entire process of questions, questions, questions and more questions. They must have asked me 10 times if I have had sex with anyone who was HIV or if I have had sex with anyone who has had sex with anyone who is HIV. They have to know, so I had to answer. What I didn't know was that he was going to look at my ankles. If I had known he was going to do this I would have shaved my legs and put some lotion on! They looked at Katie's too. I had to get over that little embarrassment.
All and all it was not a bad experience. Katie is thinking about making this a regular thing. You can donate twice a week. I'm not sure. I could go every Tuesday morning. It's not like I have anything better to do on Tuesday mornings. And it would be $40. If I donated twice a week I think my total for the week would be $75. It was kind of hard to follow the chart. It has to do with how often you go, and how much you weigh. The more you weight the more they can take out. So they can pay you more.
My arm is still a little sore, and my tummy feels weak, but other than that I would do it again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Day

It's such a beautiful day today. Very warm. Last time I checked it was 78*. I love temps between 75-80. To me its perfect. Just add in a gentle breeze and you can't get any better than that. Well except maybe if I were also laying on a sandy Hawaiian beach!
I would take a picture and post it but I left me phone at home charging. Derrr...
Not much else to say today.
Going to go with Katie tomorrow to donate plasma. I will blog after that to let you know how that first time experience goes!

Monday, April 20, 2009

mOnday mOrning

** i was on lolcats this morning and they had a couple new funnies. i hope these make you smile!**
Good Morning.
It's actually almost noon, but hey, still morning in my book.
It's going to be a beautiful day here today. Suppose to get up to 82*! Sweet! Wish I was at home instead of work. hrmmmm.....maybe I shouldn't say that.....I change my mind....I'm very happy to be here at work!
This week is going to be super busy. Working today and tomorrow, going to donate/sell my plasma with Katie Wednesday, massage Thursday (that i forgot last week) and most likely a movie with mom, Rick Springfield concert on Friday in Tacoma, driving home that night so that we can get to the Bowl-A-Thon early Saturday, and then I need to bake a cake Sunday. Oiy......

On my way to work I drive under several overpasses. I'm only 5 miles from the office, but I go under at least 7 overpasses. One of them is for train tracks. In my entire lifetime here I have seen a "train" up there maybe 3 times. The tracks are not even used. The only thing that I have seen up there is a single engine not pulling anything, and the repair trucks that run on the tracks. It must be an old line. Since it is not used, the overpass is nothing but a magnet for graffiti. So the county spends thousands of dollars to paint over it every couple months. Right now there is graffiti that says "OBAMA" and some red junk that I can't read and a red T-Rex. I hate graffiti. Around here its just vandalism. They go around and spray building, bridges, fences, houses, cars, power boxes, mailboxes...whatever they can mark up. I can't NOT look at the train overpass. I will be driving along and...look up....dang I looked....why do I keep looking at it? I tell myself that I need to stop looking, but every morning when I drive to work......I look up! Its just automatic to glance up there. And then I see that big ol "OBAMA" (not that that is a bad thing)...and then I kick myself for looking at the graffiti...again!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need to get my head together.....

One of 3 Thinking of You cards
Happy B-day

Thank You cards
The quilling flower that I made
A sneak peek at my Bowl-A-Thon outfit!
Geeze. I need a break. Some major time off. I almost made a cake today, and I'm not suppose to make it until next Sunday. I was thinking today was the 26th. What is wrong with me? I think I'm just tired. I can't seem to keep anything straight. I only have to work Monday and Tuesday this week. Good thing. I think I need the break. And I'm not even busy at work. I just need to rest my brain! LOL!
I went shopping with Katie and her friend Mara to get our Bowl-A-Thon outfits. Not much that I can do with my big fat butt, but Katie and Mara are going to look fantastic! And Roodi will look fabulous in anything she wears. Katie's Timmy on the other hand has no desire what-so-ever to play dress-up with us, so Katie is going to make a shirt for him that says he is the Roadie with the band and she bought him a lanyard to make a backstage pass for him. I'm going to go to the Party Store this week and get him a mullet wig. He will wear it. Oh yes we will make him wear it!
The Bowl-A-Thon is this Saturday. I will be uploading pics for you to enjoy!
wtf is wrong with me????? i was at the store getting stuff for dinner and my phone rang as i was checking out. when i was done i checked to see who called. it was hubby. so i called him back and he says....
" Are you suppose to be making a cake for Gail?"
i knew i was suppose to bake a damn cake today. gawd.....i dont know what to do. i leave myself notes, and then they get tossed. i'm losing my f'ing mind!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Very Productive Day

I'm drunk. OK...maybe just tipsy. But since I am absolutely exhausted, it makes me feel drunk.
I was very productive with Beth today. I made 18 cards. We even played with the quilling. It will take some practice, and I wish there was a class to take, but we will figure it out. She made the cutest hearts and flower today. I tried an apple. Nope. Then I tried to turn it into a couple cherries. Nope. Then I made leaves. OK. That worked. Then I tried a yellow daisy. That worked too. So I put those on a card. I think it's cute.
After Beth left we were both to tired to cook anything so we went out for Italian. I had 2 glasses of wine and now I'm done for. Just wiped out....going to go find a movie and go to bed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm going to H E double toothpicks

Most of my friends know that I'm just not a dog person. I like some dogs, but I would never get one. I love watching dogs play, I love the relationship between dog and owner. I honestly believe that a dog is like a child. They are really quite human in the love that they feel for their owners. I hate seeing dogs that are abused, or seeing news reports of animal cruelty where someone is a dog, or cat horder, and these poor animals are living in absolute filth. It is such a tradgety for these animals to be treated that way. I have such admiration for people who work with or support animal rescue. Like our own Dreama who stops by the blog. I also admire people who are breeders who respect the animals they breed by being careful with who they sell their puppies to and how they breed them, like my other blog friend Adri.
Unfortunately I am afraid of strange dogs. This is due to a surprise attack by one when I was walking home one day from school. I was bitten on the back of my leg pretty good. The bite did not break the skin, but my entire calf was bruised and you could see the teeth marks. My mom went to the house and talked to the owner who explained that the dog was a new mother and most likely thought that I was a threat to her puppies, even though I was just walking past the house and had not even see the dog. We let it go since the bite did not break the skin. Then there was the time that my little brother was bitten in the face. This dog was so big that the bite went from one side of his face to the other. Just missed his eye too. My poor brother's face was all black and blue. So I have some reasons why I am a little afraid. You can tell when a dog is going to be friendly, and when one is not going to want to have a thing to do with you. So I'm usually pretty brave around the dogs I can tell are friendly. But I still don't want one.
So here is why I'm going to "H E double toothpicks".
I'm here at work and an agent had a client come in. A little while later the clients husband came in. He is blind and brought along his seeing eye dog. This was a sweet old big dog. I think a golden retriever. But it smelled. Stunk to high heaven. I was starting to get sick to my stomach from the smell. It was that bad. I tried to ignore the smell and have a little conversation with the man while he waited for his wife to come downstairs. Turns out that the man knew my grandfather who worked at the School for the Blind. This man was elderly so I thought he might know him. He did. And then he mentioned some of my grandparents friends. I was trying so hard to be nice with him, but the dog smell was making me queasy. I actually had to put my hand over my nose. Which I was able to do because, you know, he was blind and could not see me do it. I can say things like this because my grandparents were blind. So there. I said it. I did something in front of a blind person because I knew they could not see me do it. And I feel like shit for doing it. But I was about to gag. Good lord that dog stunk.
I'm seriously going to hell.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is wrong with me????

I keep forgetting my massage appointment. What the hell is wrong with me? I wrote it in my calendar in my purse, then took the damn thing out and left it on the counter. So I ended up not writing the appt on my work calendar. If I don't write it there then I forget. Well I forgot....again. I'm actually pretty upset with myself. This is not the first, or second or even third time I have forgotten my massage. I think this is the fourth time. There is no excuse for that. I would not blame her one bit for telling me to take a hike. She drives all the way to the office to give me a massage and I don't show up. I have never been like this. But I can't seem to remember things anymore. This is bothering me tremendously. I think I should pay her for todays missed appointment. She never asks, but this has gotten beyond ridiculous. I wish she would call and remind me the day before, but she doesn't do that. She has after I have forgotten, but its not her responsibility to make sure that I show up. I'm 45 years old for crying out loud. I should remember that the third Thursday of the month is massage day. Argh....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to block a follower. The info I was finding in the Help section was not working. The "block this person" button was not coming up. I finally found something in the Forums Group Help section that suggested that someone may need a more updated browser like Firefox. So I switched to my Firefox from IE and there was the block button. So I blocked someone. I have no idea who this person is. I was concerned because they did not have a name attached to them, just a bunch of upper and lower case letters. So they had to be spammers. Hopefully this will get rid of them. Unfortunately this is a public blog, so they may still be able to get on here. But I think it blocks them from my other lists and followers.
So go away person with no name.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"So let be written. So let it be done."

I'm sitting here watching The Ten Commandments while baking cookies and searching for the new Hatchling Eggs Sea Shell set.
BRB!!! LOL....
OK....gonna let those sit on the pan for a little bit, then take them off.....
Anyway....I am making cookies to sell at work tomorrow for my JA fund raiser. I'm making chocolate chip and ..... can't wait to try these.... milk chocolate chip, white chocolate chip w/macadamia nuts!!!! SWEEET! I think those are going to be awesome! I am selling them tomorrow 2 cookies to a baggie for 50 cents. I think I will have to keep some here. Just a few though. I still have all of the Pepperidge Farm cookies from the auction.....and there goes Old Memnet over the edge of the balcony....I love this movie. Along with Gone With the Wind, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of them!
One of my favorite scenes is when Rameses comes back from Goshin and Nefretiri kisses him and after she laughs at him he tells her she will be his wife and she will come to him when calls and he will like it very much and whether she likes it or not does not matter.....but he thinks she will! I love that! Yul Brenner was so damn sexy in this movie.
OK....back to searching and baking!

Monday, April 13, 2009

DiD You HaVe a NiCe eaSTeR????

This is how I feel this morning....
Bwaaaa haaa haaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!! Cracks me up!

I was busy yesterday, but still had a nice day. Hubby cooked me breakfast and he also cooked dinner! SWEET!!!! LOL! I told him earlier in the week that I didn't want to have anyone over for Easter dinner because I was going to be baking all day Sunday. Good thing because the kitchen island was covered with cakes and cookies all day. I made him some huge teddy bear cookies to sell to day at his office. These cookies are so big that I was only able to make 12 out of a triple batch of sugar cookies dough! And they took 20 minutes in the oven instead of the typical 8-10! I could have made at least one more, but I needed mini hearts too. Each bear had a red heart placed on it. I should have taken a picture of them. Forgot.
I have been talking to people here at work about their days yesterday. Makes me wish I was still in the Easter Bunny/Basket phase. I guess I just need to wait for the grandbabies to arrive so that I can get back to doing these fun things. I tried taking baskets filled with plastic eggs and candy to the beach last year so that the kids would have to go find them. We were camping. They said "Just hand over the baskets and you wont get hurt." Meaning....we are not about to go outside in front of other people and search for Easter Baskets, we just want the candy. Party-poopers.

So I will wait.
I will be glad that I do not have to fight the crowds for last minute Easter supplies, but secretly wishing that I was.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Hoppy Easter!!!!

Butterfly Decorations

Chocolate Easter Bunny Pops

Wrapped Cake

Bunny Wrapped Cake

Purple Wrap

Lemon with Extra Glaze


Lemon Buttermilk Poppy Seed

Darn Good Chocolate

Orange Dreamsicle

I finished all of the Easter Fund Raiser cakes this morning! WooHoo! Now I'm just waiting for hubby to get back from the store so that I can start his sugar cookies. He is going to sell those at work tomorrow. I don't have to bake a cake again until Tuesday. And only one this time, not 6! LOL! (actually 7 but we wont talk about that little booboo) After that I have one at the end of April, one in the beginning of May, and the 3 others that they will just let me know when they want them. This weekend was the big one. I made Orange Dreamsicle, Darn Good Chocolate, Irish Cream (twice but we wont talk about that...) Lemon Buttermilk Poppy Seed, and 2 Lemon. Tuesday I'm making the Orange one again and then at the end of the month the chocolate one again. OK...he's back so I better start on his cookies.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Naps are good.
I had to get up early this morning to start baking cakes. And we are going to a party I took a nap. For an hour and a half. much better. Me and the kitties all curled up on the bed. Now that is what I call a Cat Nap~
So now that I am all refreshed...I just need to jump in the shower and get ready.
I baked 2 cakes last night, and 2 more this morning (actually 3 but i'll talk about that tomorrow). Tomorrow morning I will bake 2 more. Then I don't have to do one until Tuesday. After that, everyone else will just have to tell me when they want them. So far I have sold 13 cakes.
Well the kitties are up now from our nap and I need to jump in the shower.
I will put pics up tomorrow of the cakes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a Proud Owner of a Sony Reader!

Hubby gave me a Sony Reader for my b-day. I'm so excited to start using it. I was going to charge it and download a book today, but my work computer does not have a USB port that I can use. Guess I will just have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait to start reading books on this. I think it will be so much easier than holding a book. After a while it starts to hurt my thumb, so I have to switch to laying the book down on the arm of the chair and trying to just hold it down instead of holding it in my hands. I have no idea what the problem is with my thumbs....arthritis??? carpal tunnel???.....I don't know. There is always a kind of dull ache in the left one. I just ignore it any more. Sometimes I will be massaging my hand and not even realize that I'm doing it and someone will ask me if my hand hurts. I'm always like...what??? I don't even know I'm doing it. Oh well. Getting old sucks, but hey...I'm still here right??? LOL! I'll take the little aches and pains.
The first book I am going to download is the one about Christian the Lion. I love that video and really want to read the story behind it. I won't be able to read it until I finish the book I just started on the wives of Henry the VIII by Alison Weir. I finally finished The Other Boleyn Girl. Now I'm reading about all of the wives.

I am doing really well on my fund raising for Junior Achievement. I have now sold 13 Bundt Cakes at $10 each. With my Kintera donations, cash donations and the brownies sales I have now raised....
Go ME!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Am I the only one who thinks AI was wrong for having that rapper on???


I was not happy with American Idol last night. WTF were they thinking by having rapper Flo Rida on? I understand that he has the #1 song in the nation, but it's only #1 because of idiot teenagers who think songs about sex acts are funny. I guess I'm showing my "old age" here, but I do not think American Idol is the place to be showcasing a song about blow jobs. Here are the words to the chorus of Right Round....
You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down...
Ummmmm....sounds like he's singing about blow jobs to me. I was offended. I thought that AI was a family show.
I guess not......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Happy Birthday to Me!! Age 4
First Grade
Second Grade
Fourth Grade
Sixth Grade
I made this as small as possible! LOL! Me being "whorey" at 16....

I'm an oldie but a goodie today. 45. I'm OK with that number. I know some people freak out over Birthdays, but not me. I'm just thankful to still be celebrating being alive!
So raise your glass, mug, cup of coffee, milk, pop, water, wine.....whatever you may be drinking at whatever time of day you read this...and salute my ancientness, aged, along in years, ancient, broken down, debilitated, decrepit, elderly, enfeebled, exhausted, experienced, fossil*, geriatric, getting on, gray, gray-haired, grizzled*, hoary*, impaired, inactive, infirm, mature, matured, not young, olden, oldish, over the hill, past one's prime, seasoned, senile, senior, skilled, superannuated, tired, venerable, versed, veteran, wasted* ......wasted???? LOL! I love that the Thesaurus has "wasted" and "hoary" in there! Although "hoary" is spelled wrong! LOL!
Enjoy a few picture of me through the years....including one of me being "whorey"!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quilling Beth

B-day Card that Beth Made!
I can't wait to make these Daiseys!
The Bumble Bee is so cute!
I had lunch with my friend Beth today. Beth and I were suppose to make cards Sunday but she had to change the day to the 18th. I was bummed, so was she, but we had today to look forward too! Not only did I get to have lunch with one of my best friends ever (**waving** hi beth...i know you are here!) but she gave me a Birthday pressie!!!! I love it too! She gave me a book on paper quilling. I'm so excited! When we took the class on making the boxes back on Valentine's Day, we were looking around the store and I showed her and Sandy the Quilling display. I love the look of the flowers and butterflies that you make with paper. I can't wait to try this. Beth also gave me some quilling paper and a quilling tool. We are going to have so much fun with this when she comes over on the 18th! She also made me the cutest card! I will post a picture of that too. When we were together last month making cards, she used the cutest frog stamp. I told she could use that on my b-day card.....and she did!
I love my Beth!
I am now up to 11 Bundt Cakes! Beth ordered 2. Today I went to the Dollar Store and bought a bunch of heavy plastic plates and saran.....HEY! I just now figured out that the kid at the Dollar Store did not give me the saran wrap! I checked my receipt and it's not even on there. Now I have to go back. Argh...Oh well. I will go after this first batch of brownies are out of the oven. Silly boy.
I better hurry and upload the pictures. The brownies are going to be done in 6 minutes. I am taking them to work tomorrow to sell for a $1 each. Trying what ever I can to make money for JA!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday!

I was so busy yesterday. Before I knew it, it was 6:30pm! I baked a cake for my nieces b-day and then worked on cards all day. I put on Gone With the Wind and worked and worked all day. I did have a little break around 3 O'clockish to take the cake over to my sisters. niece is now 18....that makes me feel old. Missy was the youngest in the family until James and his Melissa had Richie. He just turned 2. But Missy was the baby in the family for so long. And now she is 18, graduating, and is a Volunteer Firefighter. She has been in the Fire Cadet Program for a couple years and now she is going through all of the Volunteer Firefighter training. We are all so proud of her.
I have now sold 5 cakes for JA! Sweet! I put a sign up here at work so we'll see if I can sell a few more. So right now I'm sitting at $440! YAY! I only have to raise $60 more to reach my second goal of $500. I am going to bake some cookies and brownies tomorrow and bring those in to start selling for a $1.00. This Sunday will be the day I tackle Robert's Fred Bear sugar cookies. We bought a huge Teddy Bear cookie cutter and then a small heart one. Fred Bear is the mascot for Fred Meyer stores, and he is part of the Hero theme for the Bowl-A-Thon. I think they are calling him Super Bear. His costume is a shirt with a big red heart on it. So I am going to make the sugar cookies with a little red heart on them.
I never did say what necklace I wore Saturday. I picked the single strand of pearls. And did I mention my hair? It looked like f**king cr@ p!!!! I hated it. I wanted to curl it like I used to when I had longer hair. Well gee can't do that with the shorter style that you have now! It was horrible....a complete Fashion Disaster...a major Hair Don't. I think I should put a bar over my eyes in the picture that Katie and took together. ended up curling way to tight and I could not get it to brush out. It just kept poofing up. So I sprayed it and left. I looked like some Texas Cheerleader Mom. It was scary I tell ya. When I got to the dinner....after Wicked was over 6 hours had not moved an inch. It was still poofy. I got upstairs and found Robert and our friends and said " I hate my hair. I need wine." They, being nice because that is just the way they are, said "What's wrong with it? It looks nice." I said I felt like Sally Field in Steel Magnolias with football helmet hair. And then Robert, bless his heart, said "Don't worry about it. The room where we will have dinner will be dark anyway." Jody and I both looked at him like WTF did you just say! It was funny. I quickly downed my glass of wine and then said I was going to the ladies room and take a brush to my hair and see if I can fix it. I used a little water too. It was OK after that, but not that much better. I should have just styled it the way it was cut for. I learned a big lesson that day I tell ya!
Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I just sold 2 more cakes! YAY! Another one needed for this weekend, and then one for in a couple weeks. This seems to be working pretty well!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Wicked JDRF Dinner/Auction

I had such a fantastic day yesterday. Wicked was....WICKED AWESOME! I loved it so much. Glynis had suggested that when it comes to Seattle that we should go see it together. G....we totally have to do that! I want to see it again so bad.
Lets Discuss!!!!
The show brought me to tears a couple times. Especially at the end of the first half. Defying Gravity was one of my favorite songs after listening to the CD all week. Seeing it performed and how they did it, tears. And I laughed so hard during Popular! I loved that song too, and seeing the way Galinda/Glinda was dancing around all excited was so funny!
If you have not seen Wicked....RUN! GET TICKETS NOW!!!
After the show, Katie dropped me off at the Governor Hotel downtown to meet hubby at the JDRF Dinner/Auction. We ended up buying three things this year. A basket of Pepperidge Farm cookies....tons of them!
A watch w/diamond accents.
A basket of Webkinz Animals that one of the Junior Achievement ladies and her daughter put together. Her daughter has diabetes and this was their first time going to the dinner. Robert stood near the basket after he had made a bid and watched it for about an hour to make sure no one would take it from him. He was hoping that his bid would be high enough that no one would outbid him. I was trying to get a Silpada Jewelery set but after having a bidding war with a couple people, someone finally put their number on the "Guarantee Purchase" amount and bought it. We did that with the cookies. As soon as I saw the basket I was all excited...."OOOOOO....Look at all the cookies!" It wasn't an expensive baskets, so hubby said to just fill in the guarantee price. So I did. And now we have a buttload of cookies! LOL! The thing that is so fun about that basket is there are cookies in there I have never even seen before! Yummy!
The watch was a last minute bid war. I had looked at the watch earlier and really liked it. When I read the description and it said that it had diamond accents. I figured the prices on the sheet would be high, so I walked away. Later after I had lost the Silpada, I went back and looked at the watch again. I was surprised that the prices were not that high at all. And I love watches. I have wanted a silver or white gold watch with diamonds for a long time, it was just never on my priority list. I would much rather spend my money on paper and embellishments for cards! LOL! I put down my bid. There was only about 10 minutes left in the Silent Auction. I could see that there was a woman standing by the watch too. When there was about 6 minutes left, she bid again. So I walked up, put down my number for one last bid, and then walked away. I decided that I would not go any higher. We already had the other baskets. If I didn't get the watch it would be OK. It just meant more money going to JDRF. After the Silent Auction closed I walked over to the watch and I had won it! It is sized just a little too small for me, and we could not figure out how to change the band length. I'm going to have hubby take it to the office and have someone from Jewelry see if they can figure out the adjustment. There is plenty of extra band, the clasp just needs to slide and we would not get it to last night. I'm sure that the fact that we had been drinking had nothing to do with not being able to figure it out!
The best part of the night was winning the Webkinz. The girl who put it together was sitting at our table for dinner. During the Silent Auction I was talking to her mom about the basket, and I asked her if her daughter had a favorite Webkinz in the basket. She said that her daughter, Candace, had all of them except the black cat. After the auction was over and we had won the basket, I walked over to one of the Volunteers and told her that we had won the basket and could I take out one of the animals to give to the girl at dinner. She said that we could. When we got to our table, Candace was already sitting there. I had Robert give her the kitty. She gave him a huge smile and said that she would name it Robert! So cute. She held it the rest of the night!
Both events were fabulous!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


My daughter Katie is a finalist in a video concept contest for Britney Spears. Here is what the contest is.....

Announcing The Finalists...
We received over 1,000 stories from around the world! Thanks to everyone for submitting their creative ideas. From over 1,000, we have chosen the 36 best stories — one of which will be named the winner and be made into a music video. We'd love to know what you think, so please read the Finalists' stories, rate them, comment on them and share them with your friends. Now it's up to you... which one should win?

And here is Katie's plea.....

You had to come up with a story for a song off the Circus album and describe it in 250 words (which was really frickin hard!). And the winner will have their story made into an animated video!! And I'm a finalist!!I actually don't like how I wrote it out. My full length draft was 1000 times better, but it was limited to only 250 words. Though it appears that a few entries went over that limit. WTF?!Also, I think you have to be registered on the website to vote. It'd just be a minor thing and you could cancel later. I've never gotten an email from the site and you can elect to not get updates. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!????VOTE FOR MY STORY!!!!

I'm not sure that actually have to register to vote. I think you do if you want to leave a comment, but I voted tonight and was not logged in.


Friday, April 3, 2009

"Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...."

So excited! That line above is one of my favorite lines on the CD. The way that Kristen Chenoweth says it is hilarious. I love Kristen Chenoweth. She is so talented and really hilarious. I love her character in RV. Cracks me up.
I have been listening to the Wicked CD all week. I really like a couple of the songs....What Is This Feeling, Popular, I'm Not That Girl, and I think my favorite song is Defying Gravity. "It's time to try defying gravity. I think I'll try defying gravity. And you can't pull me down." It has really powerful vocals and music. Gawd I'm excited! Everyone that I have talked to who has been to this show absolutely love it. It's going to be a really long weekend though. We are going out to lunch before the show, so Katie is going to pick me up at 11:30. By the time we get everyone else picked up and meet Mara it will be at least Noon. The show starts at 2pm, so we will have plenty of time for lunch and then to get there. Right after the show I will be dropped off at the Governor Hotel downtown for the Juvenile Diabetes Dinner/Auction. That will go until 10pm or so. It's going to be a long day. And then I get to start all over Sunday. I need to bake a cake for my nieces b-day, take that over there, and then Beth is coming over to make cards at Noon. At least I will get to just sit at the table once we start the cards. I'm hoping to get a lot of them done.
I will be sure to let you know how Wicked it!
"When you are wonderful...It would be wonderful?...Wonderful Wonderful...."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

She's a little Ga-Ga....

Last night I was watching American Idol and they had Lady GaGa on. I have only seen her in magazines and online. I didn't get the whole interest thing in her. Now that I have seen her perform....I still don't get it. I posted on Facebook that I thought she reminded me of a chick from the 80's. I quoted a line from a song, said how she dressed in plastic. Well guess who knew the answer?? Yep...She-Came-From-The-80's Glynis herself!!!! Of course Glynis would know who I was talking about it. Not only did she know, she sent me the video!
Enjoy Missing Persons!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Help me decide what to wear...

I bought this jacket, a cream shell and black pants.
#3 Hubby bought me this at last years dinner/auction.
Close up of #3
#5 option is to wear no necklace and diamond earrings.

I bought an outfit today to wear to Wicked and then to a dinner/auction Saturday night. Help me decide what jewelry to wear with it!