Sunday, February 13, 2011

it is, after all, extra money.....

if you are not on facebook, then you probably dont know that i have been working weekends this month. all month. and at least saturday the 5th of may, maybe even the 6th. not sure yet. but i do know for sure that regardless, that will be the last weekend. we have katie's open house to go to at fairgate on the 12th of march, and i refuse to miss that. we will be there to sample all of the food options, select table settings and linens, maybe see florists and bakeries. and hopefully there will be a list of officiants for her and tim to check out. and i will get to meet tim's mom. i have briefly met his dad, but have yet to meet his mom. and katie and tim have only been together for 6-1/2 years! its ok. we will have plenty of time to get to know them. k & t may have already decided on a bakery though. divine bites downtown. i had orginally thought of them, but then we tried cupcakes at a different place downtown, and those were really good too. we had them at our work staff party for christmas, and i took one home to give to katie. she really like it. it was a snickerdoodle cupcake. we stopped in to buy some, but she was out of cupcakes. in the middle of the afternoon. all she had was a couple brownies. as my mom said, you budget in your waste. who runs a bakery that runs out of food? she said something about it being "winter" and that she doesn't make as much because sales are low, but you know what? you donate to a shelter or sell things day old like the other bakery was doing. but to not have anything in your case at all???? then she told katie that she would be at the local bridal show and to stop by there and she would have samples. so katie went that weekend. guess who was not there? nope. the woman did not go to the show. so katie decided that she didn't feel like she could trust her to do the work. the other bakery was there though, with samples. k & t both liked the cupcakes, so looks like they may be using them. there is also a new cupcake place out in battle ground, but not sure that i want to drive all the way out there. kinda hoping they will be at the open house, but since they are new, not sure that they will be. she does like divine bites though. and she said the ladies were very nice. other than that, katie has picked out save the dates and invitations. we are ordering the save the dates next week. should have done this last month, but we're still within the 6 months before the day of the wedding :-)
did i tell you that we bought her dress? back in november. its beautiful! cant wait until its done and we can go to the fitting! i would upload a picture of her in the sample dress, but tim might see. dont want that to happen :-)
**but i will email pictures if you want to see!**


Mary/MI said...

ooooh I want to see!(wedding dress)

I tried a new bakery in town a while ago early, in the afternoon. I had heard she had great stuff. Well, she was out of all but a few cookies! I asked her why she didn't have more. She said people come in early and buy her out! Duh!! Some of us don't get moving until the afternoon! I have not been back. I think I will check on her tomorrow. You got me curious lol!!

Barbara_in_WA said...

will send you a email mary :-)

KarinaBee said...

I'd love to see her dress!

I had a great wedding cake from a wonderful bakery that has shops in three locations in the Twin Cities. Our anniversary ritual was to order an eight inch version of our wedding cake to celebrate. Even though Steve and I are now divorced, I still like to think of that delicious cake I looked forward to every year. :)